Hunters best suited to track, tackle bandits – Nigerian Hunters & Forestry Security Services, seeks community support  

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Hunters best suited to track, tackle bandits – Nigerian Hunters & Forestry Security Services, seeks community support



Amid widespread insecurity in Nigeria the Commandant of the Oyo State chapter of the Nigerian Hunters & Forestry Security Services (NHFSS), Comrade Olanrewaju Taoheed, has averred that by nature of their profession, traditional hunters are best suited to trail, track and tackle criminal elements both in the forests and in the communities.

Comrade Olanrewaju made this position known Monday during a phone chat with

At a training programme

“Traditional hunters are best positioned to tackle criminals who masquerade as bandits, terrorists or kidnappers. By the nature of our profession encapsulated in regular forays into the forest in search of games we are quick to know when strangers arrive in a place.

“Our members hunt wild animals in these forests and they know the routes like the back of their palms and so when a change occurs in the layout a hunter is the first to take note, and so a hunter can easily detect criminals’ hideouts in bushes. We are well accustomed to the terrain.

“Within the towns also, we are conversant with the night situation and since these marauders mostly use the cover of night to perpetrate their nefarious activities, the best antidote is to support hunters who are familiar with the forests and nightly operations,” Olanrewaju stated.

Saying his members too are worried by the increasing menace posed by bandits in Yorubaland who incessantly abduct people for ransom and killing some victims after ransom is collected, call on governments, politicians, groups and individuals to support and empower hunters for more effectiveness and efficiency in the fight against terrorism.

He disclosed, “Our members are ready to collaborate and compliment government security agencies in the fight against terrorism but we are handicapped by logistics, and so with good patrol vehicles, motorcycles, minimum weapons, requisite tools and financial assistance we will be able to do much. We know the forests inside out and can easily track and eliminate the marauders. We regularly engage wild beasts, fought off gnomes and so fighting terrorist is no different, we only need support.”

He revealed the group was formerly a part of Hunters Group of Nigeria then changed name to Hunters Council of Nigeria but because “the federal government is now interested in regularizing our services our nomenclature is changed to Nigeria Hunters and Forest Security Service. With this we will be able to guard forests generally.”

Meanwhile a bill is already in the Senate which had passed third reading tagged, “Nigeria Hunters and Forestry Security Service (NHFSS),” seeking to establish the service of hunters in detecting and preventing crimes and illegal activities within the forest, prevent forest fires and so on.

According to the provision of the bill an armed squad empowered to bear firearms shall be maintained that will operate under the Office of the Commandant-General of the service.

To work with other security agencies, it is another initiative in community policing.

Olanrewaju informed that NHFSS is in all the thirty three local government areas of Oyo state boasting that his men had recorded many gallant feats in tackling insecurity working in conjunctions with other security agencies.

“Personally, about two weeks ago I spent about five days in forests in Ogbomoso area trailing some suspected bandits,” he further disclosed.

Comrade Rotimi Adigun, commander of NHFSS in Ogbomoso South local government, applauded the state commandant stressing he is providing effective leadership for the group.

Adigun popularly known as Bintin, formerly area commander of War Against Indiscipline (WAI) Brigade in Ogbomoso also called on well meaning individuals to assist the chapter, “All hands must be on the deck now.”

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