The emerging champion of the South

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The emerging champion of the South


Alhaji Kollington Ayinla, a.k.a. Kebe – n – Kwara, in one of his recent evergreen musics sang something like, ‘There is no champion for ever,…’

The North of Nigeria is indisputably ahead when it comes to politics, it always dictates the pace and the tune, often riding roughshod over the South, which ironically claims to be more educated and sophisticated. The North’s whims and caprices have always been served in the political schemes; it determines who rules and spells out terms of ruling. Nothing worthwhile unfolds without it triggering it. Every lever in the power orbit is skewed in its favour and it easily maintains the arbitrary edge. It’s why it was able to thwart the presidential bids of such brilliant minds as Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe, Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola, Chief Olu Falae and so on, all Southerners. The few Southerners that have ruled did so in accordance with its whims, never allowed to stray far away, constrained by the wishes of these impertinent power brokers.

Meanwhile, it must be stated for clarity sake that it’s not the whole North as a geographical entity but the “core” North, the incorrigible cabal, which steers the wheels.

The cabal leads, others follow, it sneezes, others catch cold. The domination is incontestable.

But it appears vividly that a breeze of freedom is gently blowing over the South. The tide is changing and the South may in the near future begin to operate on the same pedestal as the behemoth North.

New heroes are being born who care no hoot about daring the North. Who dared challenge the North in the past? Its wish was binding, you could only retreat limply in submission. The manner Abiola was discarded in 1983 and in 1993 exemplified this abhorrent arrogance. You either embraced the decision of the North or licked your wound in solitude.

But the days of lame kowtowing are getting over, the South now is finding its voice, and the North is diffidently quivering. The veil of deference behind which it’s cocooned is being turned in temptestous recriminations.

The way Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu pulled the rug under the legs of the North to grab the presidential ticket of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) against the obsession of the cabal is a pointer to the new wave of political wizardry catching up in the South.

Then, the dust of the shenanigans in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is yet unsettled, the particles are still stinging, still furiously ricocheting off the walls of deception and planks of usual brazen-facedness of the ‘master race.’

Nyesom Wike

In this battle of wit and grit, clearly in the front is Rivers state governor, Nyesom Wike. Nyesom Wike has proven his mettle. He is on the cruise bearding the lions in their den with his counterparts from Oyo and Benue states, Seyi Makinde and Samuel Ortom respectively.

Seyi Makinde
Samuel Ortom

Wike is the champion of the South presently, bravely and unflaggingly, not only speaking out against the temerity of the entrenched Northern oligarchy in the PDP but actually fighting it off with uncommon tenacity.

And the North is unbelievably cringing. All oppressors quiver in the face of intense opposition. They are rattled and constantly have to return to the drawing board as they feel the ruff in their anus region unfurled. Only Thursday, the BOT chairman of the party hurriedly resigned to appease the Wike Gang. But Wike had dismissed the action as balderdash. He insisted rather on the party chairman stepping down unconditionally. “The North can’t have in its kitty both the party’s presidential ticket and party chairmanship,” remains his monotonous cadence, and “so the party chairman, Iyorchia Ayu, must resign.”

This is an unusual challenge to the North that was used to ramming down the throat of the South its untrammeled impetuosity. The South is developing its “upstarts” capable of tumbling the apple cart with equal untrammeled impetuosity.

Bola Tinubu

Wike’s struggle against the maggot of the North did not start now, he had earlier in the year (or was it last year?) taken up the battle against the cabal-controlled Federal Government on VAT arguing that states should take possession of the VAT it generates. He is still in court in respect of this. He represents the new class of Southern politicians who will deal with the North on equal terms and not as junior partners as we had in the past.

He has Abubakar Atiku, the PDP presidential candidate and his cohorts by the scrotum, so it appears, and startled, those ones are bleating like cornered billies.

The South has what the North desperately needs, and Wike and the Gang have made this the beachhead of their offensive.

Wike is an unusual hero, a warrior that brooks no nonsense, that does not suffer fools gladly.

The South is catching on and is catching up. If you will not agree to partner on the basis of sincerity, justice and fairness, if you are opinionated that you will forever be champions, if you are constrained by deception that Nigeria will perpetually swing in accordance with your warped dictates – defective federalism and its conjoined features – then, fighting you on equal basis becomes a duty. That appears to be the new spirit egging on the three musketeers.

Ortom (though of North Central extraction, which also falls in the stranglehold of the core North) has equally been a thorn in the flesh of the cabal at the risk of his life. Killer Fulani herdsmen he gives no breathing space who though are alleged to enjoy the support of the Federal Government.

Rotimi Akeredolu

Governor Rotimi Akeredolu of Ondo state is another champion of the South. His unwavering stand against continued North’s domination and enveloping imperialism is also praiseworthy.

Then, there is Makinde who had no hesitation turning down in one fell swoop the offer of mounting the rostrum as the campaign DG of the floundering Atiku bid. Not loquacious like Wike but he has demonstrated equal grit and ability in flailing the overbearing overlords.

This is a new epoch in the history of Nigeria, one that will inflame passion towards the search for a greater or a diminished Nigeria depending on the realization of the new thinking in the South by the North.

New heroes have emerged in the South that have no ball to being wimps or kittenish in an enterprise they ought to hold equal significant stakes.


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