LAUTECH: Why my sick 90 yr-old father advised me to return my certificate

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My sick 90 yr-old father advised to return my certificate after failing to get job since 2015


LAUTECH Senate Building

There was a mild drama Monday at the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH), Ogbomoso when an alumnus stormed the institution demanding to the see the Vice Chancellor (Professor Mojeed Iliasu) in an attempt to return the certificate he was awarded in 2015 after finishing his degree porgramme. He was seen in the video making strong demand that the tuition he paid while in school be refunded since he could not secure job years after finishing school.

Osunleke, the actor

The video footage went viral with a lot of reactions trailing the action of the young man. spoke with him Tuesday on phone to unearth the reason behind his action. Excerpts:

Can you tell us your name?

I am Osunleke Oludare Alaba.

Where are you from?

I am from Ibadan, confirmed native of Ibadan.

What year did you pass out of LAUTECH?


What course did you study?

Agricultural Extension

Immediately you went for your youth service? Where?

Yes sir, Ipata in Kwara state. And there I won NTA (Nigerian Television Authority) award on music talent hunt.

So, you also do music?

I am musician and also a dancer.

So since then, you have not secured job?

At all. In fact it is not easy, I even tried to go into farming to practice my profession. I cultivated about seven acres of land in Kwara state but in the end I couldn’t get anything out of it. After, I sold ponmo gbigbe (dried animal skin), but nothing came out of it. Then, God reminded me ‘Are you not the one that won music talent hunt during your youth service? Press forward you will make headway.’ But I don’t know how to get money to start and my dad is 90 years old. For me to go school, he borrowed a lot of money for me. So, he just told me that if the certificate is no more useful I should go and return it, so, my dad is in support of it because he is tired too. A 90 year old man, he hardly eats.

What about your mother?

She is sick, she never set her eyes on me for the past six years.

Where do you live?

I am living in Offa but presently in Ogbomoso as I am speaking to you. I can’t go back to Offa sef because the mattress of my pikins (kids) I don use am to cook. I am telling you.

So, you are married?

I married, I have two pikins (kids).

What about your wife?

She is in Ibadan presently because we can’t cope again. Even people who knew me before dey just dey exclaim when they see me, they just dey pity me how everything come be like this. And I can’t go thief, all the advice which dem dey give me be say mai I go to Baba make im give me juju to get money and I can’t do that. I know I am productive, and God wants me to be productive to him. I can’t do such a thing in my life. It is better if they lock me up there, they will finally release me. So, that is why I went there.

Have you tried to secure job in the past?

I tried a lot of places, in fact, I tried private schools, but the only thing they could offer me is part time job and it could not take me anywhere.

How much did they offer you?

N10, 000 (ten thousand naira), N15, 000 (fifteen thousand naira). I can’t cope I won’t lie. Even when I went to do check up in the hospital, dem tell me say I get 130 BP. And I can’t kill myself. So difficult, my pikin now we dey fight on top food, if my pikin see me if I go home, sem go dey cry, that the remaining food wey dey house na im I come chop. Me I dey think am say which kind life be dis? And I cannot go and commit suicide.

You said you once farmed, what happened to the farm?

All these herdsmen ate up the farm, even the man that gave me the land to farm, im sef never do anything again, im just dey do small, small farming because we lost a lot of money there.

So, what happened when you got to LAUTECH?

They asked me what was the intention behind my action, you know it was like they were just pulling my brain that what did I want, I told them I wanted to pursue my career. I can’t become a nuisance; I am a child of God.


Where exactly did you go yesterday, the security agents?

I went to the Senate Building; I wanted to see the VC but they did not allow me to see the VC.

So, your certificate still remains with you now?

By the grace of God it dey with me.

What exactly do you want now?

I need helper to promote my career, to move forward, to be a music star, or get a job.

Many guys are doing well in music, why is it difficult for you?

I could do that, but I need capital, me that I couldn’t feed myself properly, that is why I need help.




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