Kidnapping: Thank God no reported case in August and the triumph of people’s will

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Kidnapping: Thanks God no reported case in August and the triumph of people’s will

The months of June and July were blood-curdling ones in Ogbomoso as three cases of abductions pierced the two ‘J’ months. The third one on July 28 at a hotel in Abaa along Ogbomoso-Ilorin road involving two victims – a male and a female – who were eventually butchered along with an okada operator, who assisted in conveying the ransom bearer to the kidnappers, was a chilling episode that rankled the whole world. One of the slain victims being a US citizen, has indeed brought the US government into the picture, with investigations instituted into the matter.
Importantly too, the incidents ignited an alarm in Ogbomoso, provoking fear the evil agenda as being witnessed elsewhere was about to be set permanently on their soil.
They consequently rose in one voice, and in boldness to fend off the threat by staging a rally tagged “March against terrorism.” The rally was well attended and it especially witnessed the presence of local security agencies in large numbers, whose visages were grim and rearing as to be unleashed on the kidnappers in the instant.

The demonstration was a success in terms of attendance, and in terms of mustering people’s courage and will. The fiber of determination turned into steel with everyone leaving the venue resolute that terrorism would never take root in their land. Those who did not attend received the inspiration to stand up to resist the enveloping menace. It was a clarion call to defend their integrity.

Government security agents including soldiers, policemen, civil defence operatives and Amotekun Corps also swiftly rose to the challenge; they stormed the forests in a bid to take the battle to the bandits and flush them out.

Gbenga Owolabi and Rachael Opadele


A number of arrests were made – eight suspects were arrested in connection with the first two kidnap cases – at the TDB Farms in Jabata belonging to the late Governor Christopher Adebayo Alao-Akala, where a supervisor, Christopher Bakare, was abducted and released only after an alleged coughing out of a ransom of N5m; the second was a private hospital owner at Gbede, the victim Abdulrasheed Oladoye, secured his release only after the kidnappers collected a ransom of N3m.
Then, following the Abaa kidnap cases, large cache of arms and army uniforms were allegedly recovered at Sabo, Igbon-Gambari, from another set of suspects.

In fact, the quick responses, meticulousness and thoroughness of security agents in the incidents were poignant, making one to wonder why the evil flower of terrorism bloomed atrociously in the north. Perhaps it is as insinuated that some powerful forces stood in the way of the usual gallant Nigerian security agents in routing the criminals.
Well, if there is an element of truth in that, it is certain it will be unraveled in the future.
Nonetheless, it’s thanks to God, the people and security agents in nipping in the bud a sprouting peril in Ogbomosoland.

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