‘OCYF supports no political party’

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‘OCYF supports no political party’


Ogbomoso Community Youth Forum (OCYF) has reiterated the apolitical stance of the organization just as it states that it should not be confused with other youth groups that have dissimilar pursuits.

This is contained in a press release issued Tuesday by the body and signed by its president, secretary and PRO, Rev’d Peter Olaleye, Comrade Adeniji Idowu and Adeniran Adebayo respectively.

The release notes there is need to constantly clarify its stance in view of the forthcoming 2023 general elections.

It states that its aims and objectives forbid it from supporting any political party or showing bias against any interest, asserting that its avowed goal is to approach matters dispassionately without prejudice in favour of anyone or interest and importantly in the interest of Ogbomoso.

The youth group further submits that reports have strayed into its ears that its members are supporting a political party but affirms this is not so, while maintaining that it is not in pursuit of personal goals.

“Ogbomoso Community Youth Forum is stating for the umpteenth time that we are an apolitical association committed to the development of Ogbomoso zone. We need to from time to time make this clarification because of the approaching 2023 general elections.

“We are immune to being tools in the hands of politicians; our aims and objectives clearly state that we can’t support any political party and we support no group or interest; our goal is to display no chauvinism that will favour a particular group or interest. What propels us is the development of Ogbomoso which can best be achieved in an atmosphere of peace and conviviality.”

The body delves into history lane to recall some of its achievements, “Kindly recall that OCYF came into limelight about 3 years ago when we discovered the IBEDC atrocities and did everything possible to address it. One success begath another! After the IBEDC struggle, we stimulated communal efforts to repair the damaged portions at Caretaker and Olopemarun areas along the trunk A road that passes through Ogbomoso.

When OCYF led security agents to comb Ayegun Yemetu forests in search of bandits

“Subsequently, we repaired additional 7 roads in the community. Thereafter, we delved into conflict resolution and with the help of God and the support of our fathers in Ogbomoso land, OCYF was able to resolve the Ajaawa and Iluju crises, and so averted the desolation staring the towns in the face.

“Sequel to those interventions, OCYF became a major stakeholder that Ogbomoso people look up to when there is a situation that threatens the land or needs urgent attention. One other modest accomplishment we recorded is mobilizing over 80 security personnel and leading them to comb Ayegun Yemetu forest, when rumour of bandits’ infiltration broke sometimes ago. Finding no iota of truth in the rumour, we were able to restore calmness in time to the good people of Ogbomoso.

“In addition, we gave scholarship award worth #1.3 million to a pupil of Ogbomoso origin who made us proud in a mathematics competition at the national level by coming first. Furthermore, to ensure that OCYF also contributes its quota to the taking off of Ayede Polytechnic, we donated a bill board erected at the temporary site of the school and currently working to donate a building as students’ activities centre at the permanent site.

“OCYF equally believes that an injury to one is an injury to all. This of course led us to intervene in the TESCOM Tutor General – Park Managers saga recently and we were able to ensure peace reigns. In our effort to ensure security of life and property, OCYF also met the aggrieved members of OPC in recent times and unified them to serve Ogbomoso land.

“Similarly, we partnered in organizing the recently held ‘March against terrorism’ rally held in Ogbomoso aftermath spate of kidnappings in the zone and the butcheries of some of the victims. This is just as we rallied people to apprehend suspected thieves trying to cart away pipes and other valuables at the Oyo State Water Corporation Complex, Ogbomoso.

Road rehabilitation

“We also played a crucial role in the ongoing rehabilitation of the damaged portions of the Caretaker/Idi-Oro trunk A road. These and many more were done by OCYF with the aim of making Ogbomoso better than how we met it.”

It further states, “In view of these, OCYF wishes to let everyone know that we are an apolitical youth organization. We are not endorsing or working for any political party or candidate. OCYF as a leading youth organization in Ogbomoso will never be involved in partisan politics! We see every political party and candidate as Ogbomoso people all striving to make our land better and so we have no reason to lean towards anyone or interest.

“In fact, we have a constitution that forbids us from doing such,” while quoting portions from its constitution that guide it on political matters, which are “OCYF shall be known as a non partisan youth organization when it comes to political matters; OCYF as a youth organization shall honour and respect all politicians, but shall refrain herself from being an arm of any political party; politicians within the average of the agreed age (s) of the membership shall be allowed to join the forum with full compliance with the OCYF constitution and agreement that his or her political colouration will not reflect when handling OCYF assignment;” and that “OCYF as a youth organization shall relate well with the people at the corridor of power, but will never be used for political gain.”

The youth organization therefore appeals to the people to continue to support the group and “not to be taken in by those that might want to ride on its goodwill to feather personal whims and caprices. We also want to urge people to be wary of mischief makers who might want to peddle unfounded rumours against our noble organization to discredit us. We remain unyieldingly and unapologetically committed to the growth of Ogbomoso. This we will do by the grace of God without fear or favour,” it stresses.

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