FLASHBACK: Ogbomoso Parapo why now?

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FLASHBACK: Ogbomoso Parapo why now?


(This article written by Ben George in his column in The/Ogbomoso Insight newsmagazine (No 132, dated February 9, 2019) in reaction to the hasty replacement of Mr. Sayo Opateyinbo, erstwhile Vice President of Ogbomoso Parapo Worldwide, less than a month to his burial, is being reproduced here, by popular demand, in view of the recent happenings in the socio-cultural organization, in which the man who replaced late Opateyinbo, Alhaji Saka Aremole Bello, is trapped irretrievably in the hullabaloo over his alleged wrongdoings).

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I’m disappointed by the tactlessness that manifested during the December 26, 2018 Annual General Meeting of Ogbomoso Parapo Worldwide, held as usual at Ogunlola Hall, Oja ’gbo. I called it insensitivity in view of the way the AGM panned out as it concerned the replacement for a former vice president of the association, Mr. Sayo Opateyinbo, who died last year. Previously, he had served meritoriously as publicity secretary and later national secretary. He served the association and by extension, Ogbomoso wholeheartedly and most patriotically. He was always ardent about the affairs of Ogbomoso, always bubbling to make his contribution. He spared no efforts to advance the cause of Ogbomoso, always forging ideas, expending energy, hitting the Nigeria’s dilapidated roads to confabulate with Ogbomoso indigenes in the Diaspora, organizing, coordinating and always ready to be splattered with mud in the course of his duty. At some point he also served as secretary to the Soun of Ogbomoso, Oba Oladunni Oyewumi Ajagungbade III JP, CFR. In the process of his serving his community, he attracted but lived with equanimity a lot of resistance.

I therefore consider it the height of indiscretion and perhaps desperation for the position he occupied to be so hastily filled while his corpse is yet to be committed to mother earths. He is to be interred on January 25 this year. It would have been honourable if he had been buried before the thought of finding a replacement for him surfaced; hankering for the position the departed when he is yet to be buried is hypocritical. They have done the memory of the dead no honour; in my opinion, it is also immoral. Why the haste, when it was less than a month to his burial!

Now, not only that, most of the comrades he served with in the exco were booted out unceremoniously and in a manner that lacked grace and decorum, and without regard for the constitutional provisions of the organization. The constitution of the organization stipulated clearly the procedure for electing a new exco such as constitution of an electoral committee. I doubt if this was followed to the letter, it was flagrantly violated, as if Ogbomoso Parapo founded and led by such bright lights as late Professor N.D. Oyerinde, late Chief Samuel Ladoke Akintola, late Iba Adeyemo Abina, late Chief Ladiji Gbadamosi, Mogaji Adisa Adeleye and so on is an ordinary organization. It is superfluous aberration to have acted in such manner just because some people want to occupy offices for whatever reasons.

Having stated this, it is a monumental disrespect for the dead and to the people of the city who hold the association in high esteem. It is a wrong move and a repudiation of the standards upheld by humanity. In no way am I against anyone emerging for any post, but politesse ought to have been part of the proceeding. The burial of the departed should have been allowed to be held first.


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