The rot at TESCOM zonal office, Ogbomoso

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The rot at TESCOM zonal office, Ogbomoso


No, not system, operational or ethical rots but physical rot of its building!

According to its website, the Oyo State Post Primary Schools Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM) ”was established by Oyo State Law of 1992 as an offshoot of Defunct Central Schools Board (CSB) to oversee the recruitment and management of human resource of Post Primary Schools in Oyo State.”

More broadly, its mandates include “recruitment, confirmation, re-absorption, promotion, postings, transfers, discipline, retirement, pension and termination of appointment of staff in the state teaching service; maintain comprehensive and up-to-date Staff records for the teaching service; welfare of staff and providing training programs for teaching and non-teaching staff; placement on appropriate salary scales in accordance with the uniform guidelines existing in the nationally approved Scheme of Service; prepare annual estimates and establishment proposals for the teaching service; review and propose modifications in the operational method and organizational structure of the state teaching service regularly, serve as an appellate body for petitions in respect of matters provided for in the law setting up the commission; and supervise teaching and non-teaching staff.”

With its headquarters at the government secretariat, Ibadan, Oyo state capital, it has zonal offices, one of which is in Ogbomoso.

Saddled with such noble objectives aimed at maintaining a robust standard of education via highly motivated human resources, the expectation would be that the managers or officials of the commission would operate from decent offices, however, the state of the TESCOM complex in Ogbomoso zone, is absurdly an antithesis of this.

The Ogbomoso TESCOM zonal office, located at Oja-Tuntun, in terms of living up to its avowed objectives isn’t known for sloppiness, it operates at the best level however the complex from which it operates is a total eyesore.

Gifted two bungalows, one has fallen into total state of disrepair with the larger part of its roof having caved in. Yet, another part of that particular building that appears intact is being used as offices, endangering the lives of staff occupying it.

The other building, which it shares with the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Ogbomoso North local government and recently renovated by the immediate past interim chairman of Ogbomoso North local government, Alhaji Ibrahim Ajagbe, is where the Permanent Secretary (Tutor Genera) that heads the Commission uses as office and where the Directors, Supervisors and other staff of the Commission huddle to oversee their duties. The space is obviously and grossly inadequate. And this is from where over 3000 teaching and non-teaching staff and some 50, 000 secondary school students in the zone are daily superintended.

This is deplorable. The crucible of secondary education reduced to making do with such decrepit structures indicates the warped value the society attaches to education. Not government alone but collectively. It’s an odious malady that epitomizes the rot in our value system.

The whole complex belonging to the defunct Ogbomoso local government with other buildings within it occupied by other agencies of governments was commissioned in 1988 by then Military Administrator of Oyo state, Col. Sasaenia Adedeji Oresanya.

It is nonetheless a tricky matter. The structure now belongs to Ogbomoso North local government supposedly but the TESCOM wing of it serves the whole five local governments constituting Ogbomoso zone and the almost one hundred secondary schools in the zone are administered from here; it is therefore a major crucible in moulding the future of the young children in the starting bloc of life. Most great lives straddling the world stage today that came out of Ogbomoso passed through these secondary schools and thus came under the administrative tentacles of this decrepit TESCOM office.

TESCOM officials cannot effect the repair, teachers cannot embark on the revamp with their meagre salaries, governments or perhaps philanthropists who value education should come to its aid.

There lies the rot at Ogbomoso TESCOM zonal office!


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