Holy Michael! Burglars break into church, steal generator, search money in Bible 

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Holy Michael! Burglars break into church, steal generator, search money in Bible


The Warning Bell Evangelical Ministries a.k.a. Divine Warning, beside Faith Hospital, Ogbomoso, had a bitter taste of burglary last week as a middle size generating set belonging to the church was stolen.

The auditorium from where the generating plant was stolen


The founder and pastor of the church, Evangelist Jeremiah Oyeleke, told ogbomosoinsightonline.com that the dare-devil burglars perpetrated the heinous crime during the rain that fell overnight on Thursday/Friday, lamenting the loss.

“We came to the church to discover the generating set was missing; they broke the window of the auditorium to steal the item. My Bible on the pulpit was also flung on the altar perhaps they searched through it hoping they would find money. It is despicable. They must have committed the act during the continuous rainfall that lasted Thursday night/Friday morning last week. It is painful.”

Oyeleke, popularly called Baba Ihinrere however said they did not report the case to law enforcement agents submitting rather that everything that happens has a purpose. “To God be the glory,” he said.

The generating set according to him was acquired in 2013 and was in good working condition.

He informed that cases of theft had become rampant in the area saying in July two Boxer motorcycles were also reportedly stolen aside other incidents.

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