Ogbomoso: Eegun Awodagbese hits road today

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Ogbomoso: Eegun Awodagbese hits road today


A popular but dreaded egungun in Ogbomoso, Awodagbese, would take to the streets today as part of the celebration of the 2022 Egungun festival.

Awodagbese is a fearsome egungun with a unique attribute of dispensing fortune and misfortune when its procession is joined.

According to myth when a follower sustains any form of cut causing a wound while on its trail such wound will not heal till the next time it comes out which is usually every other year.

Similarly, if a follower finds money in its trail such person will be many times lucky till its next outing as well.

Efforts to speak with its priestess, its custodian, Ojekemi Awoda, Monday, on the egungun were abortive as guests were hosted to a sumptuous party. The celebration started on Sunday.

Awodagbese was abandoned for many years without anyone coming forth to put on its lappet; it was only recently that it was resuscitated.

A neighbour described the egungun as very dreadful and one of those mystical egunguns retrieved from the warfront.

Many spectators are expected today.




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