Egungun of fortune and misfortune: Video footage and photos of Awodagbese

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Egungun of fortune and misfortune: Video and photos of Awodagbese


Egungun Awodagbese with her custodian, Ojekemi

Eegun Nla otherwise known as Eegun Awodagbese ventured out Tuesday afternoon at Osupa area of Ogbomoso, after 26 years in limbo. 

Resuscitated three years ago by Lady Ojekemi Awoda, the egungun was worshipped for the last two years with offering of sacrifices to restore its fiery spirit.

Awodagbese comes out every other year and so, it will be in 2024 that the lappet will be put on again.

The popular mythology about this egungun is that it brings fortune and misfortune. If someone is lucky to find money while following its procession that will be the person’s lot for the next three years. Contrarily, if someone is inflicted with a cut in its trail the wound will not heal till outing.

It is believed to be an egungun whose power knows no bounds among the terrestrial bodies. It’s an egungun avoided by many other egunguns because of its vast charms of assault.

Ojekemi, a former Christian, told that she accepted the responsibility after the spirit of the egungun started to appear to her in her sleep and physically.

“Things turned awkward for me, l couldn’t make headway in life again and then the egungun started to appear to me.

“If l went to pray anywhere they would tell me to take up the worship of our family egungun.

“I have no regret taking up the duty of venerating the deity. Things have turned out better for me.”

Bata drums pierced the atmosphere all morning to eulogize the egungun.

People surged forward to catch a glimpse as it comes out of its lair. brings the video footage of the moment it steps out.

Watch out for detailed stories of this egungun and that of Lembeleri (the Egungun that orders violators of the back of its lair to run dry of urine

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