Rotary eClub South West USA donates to blind students at AMGS Ogbomoso

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Rotary eClub South West USA donates to blind students at AMGS
Rotary eClub of the South West USA, D 5495, has put smiles on the faces of visually-impaired students of Adeniran Memorial Grammar School, Ogbomoso.
The club presentated various items to the students to ease the pain of living with their condition in an academic environment.

Steve Olukenny Babatunde presenting an item to a visually impaired student[/caption
The presentation ceremony which came up Thursday, July 28 in the school premises was attended by dignitaries including the tutor general, Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM) Ogbomoso zonal office, Mr. Olatunde Sulola; representatives of the the old students association led by Dr Sanya Amao (president) and Mr. Samson Alabi (secretary); Dr Bose Ogundare, principal.of the school; and Mr Steve Olukenny Babatunde, facilitator and representive of the club.
[caption id="attachment_5659" align="alignnone" width="225"] Mr Sulola Ogbomoso TESCOM boss inspecting an MP3 tape recorder

Items distributed to the students under its “Literacy Project” programme encompassing walking support and learning aids include the long cane mobility devices “for individuals who are blind or those with low vision, help them detect obstacles, drop offs, changes in ground surface;” Marburg Braille writing slates “that allow a user to blaille a full page without having to move the slate;” and tape recorders “used to record classes or listen to textbooks, journals or leisure reading materials.”
Dr Mrs Bose Ogundare principal of the school

A cross section of the beneficiaries[/caption
Broken down, the items comprise Marburg writing frame and styluses, 55 Mp3 for recording, 30 portable typewriters, 10 mobility white canes and shelves.
According to the service club, “the project focuses on supporting blind students from Adeniran Memorial Grammar school Ogbomoso based in Nigeria.
“In fact, the students are categorised into sighted and non sighted including teachers too.
[caption id="attachment_5641" align="alignnone" width="300"]content/uploads/2022/07/IMG_20220730_141136_154-300×225.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”225″ class=”size-medium wp-image-5641″ /> Representatives of old students: Dr Amao (third left), Me Samson Alabi (third right), Mr & Mrs Steve Babatunde (middle)

“So far, the club managed to provide them with special materials to make learning process more easily and super encouraging, education from all and blindness is not a barrier to education and learning.”
Mrs Olutunji, a supervisor at TESCOM

The club assures it will “continue to make a difference in our communities by serving the underserved and giving light to those in darkness.”
Babatunde, a fellow rotarian and who initiated and coordinated the project, informed, he was moved by the plight of the blind students whom he said suffered untoward hardships due to lack of these supportive aids.
Principal of The Nigerian Training Center for the Blinds

Mr Opaola Samson

A teacher in the school, he disclosed, “They have difficulty learning because of their condition and they lack tape recorders, many of them sustained injuries while walking.
“I have witnessed many of them hitting their heads against building pillars or falling into ditches and l felt pity. That is why l presented their case to the Rotary eClub of the South West USA, D 5495, and true to the club’s calling, they responded promptly.”

Recalling he stated the club had made other interventions in Ogbomoso area in the past, “they constructed borehole (100m deep) at some villages in Oriire local government inbthe

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