Bandits, no way, Ogbomoso not a place you can terrorize, this will be your waterloo!

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Bandits, no way, Ogbomoso not a place you can terrorize, this will be your waterloo!


In a space of one week, two residents of Ogbomoso area of Oyo state were kidnapped. The first occured at a farm in Jabata in Surulere local government. The supervisor of the farm, one Christopher Bakare, was abducted and was released only after a ransom of N5m was paid. Barely 48 hours after Bakare regained freedom, a “doctor,” simply identified as “Baba Rasheed” was abducted in another part of the same Surulere council area, this time at Gbede, along Ogbomoso-Ilorin road. The man, a popular “doctor” in the community owns and operates a private clinic, patronized extensively by the locals.

The abductors suspected to be Fulani herdsmen are yet to contact the family.

Their dastardly operations have thrown the larger Ogbomoso community into great panic. Will our land be turned into a killing field as is being witnessed elsewhere?

But l know this place can’t be another Benue, Kaduna or Zamfara states no matter the kind of people supporting or sponsoring them. They will meet their match in the brave men of the land.

Their forefathers tried it about two centuries ago they failed. Their mounted soldiers launched several attacks to overrun our land, depose our Oba, change the title to Emir, make the domain an Emirate kowtowing to Sultan at Sokoto; they were unrelenting but our forebears were equally men of valour who were not ready to lose an inch of their land to the invaders. They successfully repelled the aggressors making them flunk their war aims. Ogbomoso stood against them like Rock of Gibralta and formed a solid bulwark that thwarted their overall ambition of subjugating Yorubaland.

Yorubaland can’t be a replica of other places they terrorized, we will drive them back again. There is no fear. With a combination of local and conventional security operatives and our traditional methods of repulsing intruders they will be halted.

They are awakening the sleeping giant in us. Their threat of soaking our land in blood are known but we initially took it with a pinch thinking it was one of those unfounded rumours but it seems they are now coming – they will be met with equal measure of force. No cause for alarm. They are darkness that will dissolve when our light begins to blaze. There will be a blitz that will paralyze them and their inordinate ambition. This place will be their own version of waterloo!



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