Ogbomoso council boss loses son in road crash

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Ogbomoso council boss loses son in road crash


The deceased

The family of the Head of Political Admnistration of Ogbomoso Central LCDA, Oja’gbo, Hon Adijat Oritoke Aremu is bereaved. The family lost one of their children, Sefiu Aremu, a.k.a. Don H Jahbless, in an accident, along Ogbomoso-Ilorin road, on Saturday, July 16, 2022.

According to findings by ogbomosoinsightonline.com, the family was returning from a wedding ceremony in Babaloma in Kwara state when the accident occured.

“They were near Ogbomoso when the driver of the car they were traveling in, the mother’s official car, lost control inexplicably, leading to the car somersaulting.

“The deceased was flung out sustaining head injury and died on the spot,” a bereaved family member disclosed.

The source further informed that the chairperson, popularly known as Rainbow, and who doubles as Vice Chairman of Ogbomoso North local government, had already arrived in Ogbomoso, when she learnt of the crash.

The bereaved mother

It was her elder brother’s son who got wedded in Babaloma, and the deceased, who travelled in the same car with the couple, served as groom’s man. His own fiance was also in the car.

His death was a surprise to many people because some 30 minutes to his death he was active on Facebook.

“He was posting updates about Saturday’s Osun state governorship election on his Facebook wall, being a loyalist of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP,” a man simply identified as Azeez and who was his friend on Facebook revealed.

Continuing, Azeez said, “Suddenly, his posts stopped then about one hour later l just saw RIP on his wall. I was confused.”

His death was a big disaster as he was the first of two children of the council boss.

He was an enthusiastic supporter of PDP like his mother and was a prominent youth leader of the party.

Oluwole Areo, in a tribute on his Facebook page wrote: “You will be sorely missed dear brother. Highly respected, a political gladiator! It’s as if I’m still dreaming about you Don H Jahbless. We both co-ordinated KOYCO group together till your demise on that so called “BLACK SATURDAY.” You were a core loyalist of PDP in Oyo State and Nigeria, an ATIKULATED FELLOW. Since your passage I’ve dropped my golden pen online because it is a saddening situation to me and the entire group. I am still mourning, pinned silent, but I owe Sefiu lots of tributes. You will always be remembered, Don H Jahbless. FAREWELL.”

Adieu Don Jahbless!

He was born on September 26, 1987.

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