Enough is enough, give us a new Soun – Laoye family head tells Makinde

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Enough is enough, give us a new Soun – Laoye family head tells Makinde


“The bulk stops at His Excellency, Governor Seyi Makinde’s table, he should resolve the matter of the Soun of Ogbomoso quickly, enough is enough, he should announce a new king.”

Mogaji Olawole Olaoye

This is an excerpt from an interview ogbomosoinsightonline.com granted the head of the Olaoye ruling house of Soun Dynasty of Ogbomoso, Prince Olawole Olaoye Saturday morning.

The vacant throne of Soun

The head (Mogaji) of the ruling house whose turn it’s to produce the next Soun, Prince Olawole, did not mince words in asserting the delay is from the governor, therefore appealing, “he should safe us the trouble, the matter should not be allowed to degenerate further.”

This week, the issue of religiosity as a major underlining cause for the matter to be lingering came into the open leading to claims and counte-claims between two foremost religious leaders in the land, the Chief Imam, Sheikh Teliat Oluwasina Yinus Ayilara and the Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in the zone, Venerable Dr Joseph Adegoke. The exchange is seen as an unwarranted, dangerous dimension to the festering matter.


On Wednesday the Mogaji, Prince Olawole Olaoye, through a short video shared by Aderemu Akanmu, a reporter with BCOS Ajilete 92.1 FM, Gambari, Ogbomoso, urged Governor Makinde to call religious leaders in the city to order stressing the emergence of a new Soun needs not be intruded by religion.

ogbomosoinsightonline.com thus wanted more clarifications on his position. The matter has definitely gone beyond appealing to the governor to meditate in a brewing feud. What has happened to the process, which remains only approval or disapproval by the state’s helmsman?

So, reacting, the Mogaji submitted: “The kingmakers and the council (Ogbomoso North local government) have forwarded a name as Soun-nominee to the governor. If he has other names (I know he has anyway as there were 23 contenders to the throne), let him choose one that is satisfactory to him and do the needful.

Prince Ghandi Olaoye

“If you talk of the Laoye family, everyone is fighting for his section, that’s why they (selection committee) refused to submit their report. They said someone came first (in their screening). Only this morning l received the court bailiff brought me the second summon on the matter. Two court cases now.

“The governor should do the needful, he is in possession of the name of that person they claimed came first just as he has the kingmakers’ choice, let him choose whoever he likes. If he does so, all the hoopla will subside.”

He added, discontent visible on his face, “What l however detest is the issue of tribalism and religion being introduced into the matter. It is in the hand of the governor, the bulk stops on his table, this is the fourth month, we appeal to him to help us resolve the matter in time, so that the hullabaloo can subside.

“I now beseech religious leaders to steer clear of this matter, Soun’s emergence has nothing to do with religion, it’s not a religious position. That is the reason l call on His Excellency, Governor Makinde, to call on religious leaders to steer clear.”

The octogenarian now concluded by asking those concerned to give the community a new Oba.

“The governor, the local government and the kingmakers should give us a new Oba in Ogbomoso, enough is enough!”

It’s recalled that the last occupant of the throne, Oba Oladunni Oyewumi Ajagungbade III JP, CON, CFR, joined his ancestors on December 12, 2021, at the age of 95, after a 48 year reign. 

The process for the installation of a new monarch began in earnest after the late Oba’s 40 day firdau in January. The process culminated in the nomination of Prince Afolabi Ghandi Olaoye by the kingmakers on March 22, with his name being submitted next day, March 23, to the state government through Ogbomoso North local government. Since then, the governor has refrained from making any statement on the matter in favour or against the nominee submitted to him. This has provoked tension, unnecessarily in the land.



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