TESCOM attack: More blows for Ogo-Oluwa council boss as OCYF speaks

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TESCOM attack: More blows for Ogo-Oluwa council boss as OCYF speaks


Ogbomoso Community Youth Forum, OCYF, has come out to also condemn the attack on the Oyo State Post Primary School Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM), Ogbomoso zonal office, last Tuesday by members of the motor park managers in which they beat staff and demanded the removal of the tutor general, Mr. Olatunde Lanre Sulola, who was posted last month to head the zonal office.    

This is coming on the heels of the denunciation of the act and of the chairman of Ogo-Oluwa local government, Ajaawa, Oyo state, Mr. Oluwaseun Ojo, by ANCOPSS Elders’ Forum Ogbomoso, reported by ogbomosoinsightonline.com.

Several stakeholders have disapproved the action while the council chairman is being censured for allegedly sponsoring the invasion, over vested interests.  

In a press release by OCYF obtained by ogbomosoinsightonline.com Saturday morning, the chairman was lambasted, alleged of misleading and misguiding the transport union members to serve personal whims.  

Describing the transport union members as gullible, the association whose membership is made up of Ogbomoso youths, stressed the former were exploited to commit an unpardonable act.

“The attention of Ogbomoso Community Youth Forum (OCYF) has been drawn to how Mr. Ojo Oluwaseun, the chairman of Ogo-Oluwa local government, Ajaawa, instigated members of a transport union to attack the tutor general of the TESCOM in Ogbomoso zone.

“The OCYF’s findings show that Mr. Ojo Oluwaseun deceived the members of that transport union into believing that the Tutor General does not love Ogbomoso and is subsequently hostile to teachers in the zone, unknown to this transport union that Ojo Oluwaseun has a personal issue with the man in respect of his PA who is a teacher under TESCOM, but has failed to go to school in the last 4 years, and has come under scrutiny. 

“Knowing full well that the transport union under its new leadership is passionate about Ogbomoso and its people, Ojo Oluwaseun was able to persuade them into committing the heist.”

OCYF then highlighted a litany of infractions allegedly committed by the vilified chairman though without substantiating them, which it avers are unbecoming of his exalted office.  

The influential youth group noted that Ojo had no locus standi to speak for or take position on behalf of Ogbomoso adding that his action should not be taken as symptomatic of the larger Ogbomoso community, which it says, is warm and accommodating towards visitors.      

“At this juncture, OCYF wishes to inform the TESCOM, Oyo state government and members of the public that Ojo Oluwaseun has no power to speak for Ogbomoso people! Ogbomoso is not tribalistic and we want to put it on record that this case is isolated and is not a portrayal of Ogbomoso people’s attitude; we are never hostile towards our guests; we are always hospitable and accommodating.”

The association led by a Baptist cleric, Rev’d. Peter Olaleye, finally went ahead to warn the chairman against such acts in the future and others of his ilk while also advising transport union members against allowing themselves to be used by selfish individuals in the future. 

“Moreover, Ojo Oluwaseun should be warned not to destroy Ogbomoso city in the way he turned Ajaawa into a ghost town. We are calling on Governor Seyi Makinde and elders of our land to warn Ojo Oluwaseun. We are aware that the same way that Oyo-born Tutor General is leading our people in Ogbomoso, Ogbomoso sons and daughters are also somewhere performing same duties. 

“Ojo Oluwaseun’s attitude should not be seen as a representation of how Ogbomoso people behave, no, we do not know where he got his own character.

“That unwarranted embarrassment is regretted. We wish to inform that something of that nature will not be allowed to repeat itself. OCYF equally wishes to advise transport union members to always get their fact right whenever unscrupulous people seek their support.”







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