Attack on TESCOM: I found many things strange in schools in Ogbomoso –Tutor General on why traducers are after him 

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Attack on TESCOM: I found many things strange in schools in Ogbomoso –Tutor General on why traducers are after him


Mr. Olatunde Lanre Sulola, the embattled Tutor General heading the Oyo State Post Primary School Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM) zonal office, Oja-Tuntun, Ogbomoso, in this interview by speaks on why he believes traducers are after him.



We want your comment on the attack on your office on Tuesday by members of Motor Park Managers during which they demanded your removal as Tutor General heading Ogbomoso zonal office.  

Well, on that very Tuesday I was not there, I was on my way to Ibadan for an official assignment and throughout the preceding Monday, we didn’t suspect anything like that.

Were you in the office the preceding Monday?

Yes, I was in the office on Monday till 5:30pm and as at that Monday we didn’t foresee anything like that, we didn’t have issue with any of the principals, we didn’t have issue with any of the vice principals, teaching and non-teaching staff, we didn’t suspect anything. So, surprisingly on that Tuesday, when I was away I heard that some group of people came to that place and I began to wonder what could have caused that, one, they are not part of us, and we are not part of them and we don’t have anything in common, for anybody to have come from outside to come and attack us, there must be more to it underground. That we would investigate but I want it to be after Sallah.

Or is it a case of being extremely hostile or harsh on people or witch-hunting?

Unless we have empirical facts from the aggrieved people, I have not fought with anybody, there is nobody that can claim I am hostile to him or her, and if there is anybody let them come up with their facts, let them produce their reasons and let’s verify and let it be investigated and if it is found out that we are hostile on anybody let the law takes its course but to the glory of God I have not trod that path, that job is not new to me, and there is nothing that I am doing that is extraordinary. There is nothing that is new except making sure people stay at their duty posts and do the needful.

Won’t you be intimidated by the unfortunate incident and slow down?

I don’t think I will be intimidated, bearing in mind that I have a mandate to do what I am doing. I am working under delegated authorities; our policies are there, we have a guideline, and definitely I will continue to do what I am sent here to do to the glory of God and I want to assure you that it is not in our character to victimize anybody for whatever reasons, what could have caused that? If you follow my antecedents from where I came from I don’t think you will ever hear that, even when I was posted out my people were not happy, they didn’t want me to come to this place in the first instance, they resisted it, but you know government must have its way. I leave Oyo everyday, 6:30am, running to Ogbomoso, facing the trailers, travelling on the risky road. We have been working passionately, I have been to some of the rural places, I have been to almost all the five local governments, I have been to the extreme to make sure we do what is right. But most of what we have been seeing on ground is not too good for us, but we are not forceful about it, except we have been telling them at is not how to do the work.

So, what could have caused the mayhem targeted at you? 

What could have caused that? One, nobody has offended me, I only want to improve on the existing standard and put a lasting legacy on ground and help improve the situation so that our children in the future will be happy. We ourselves we will be happy that at least we are building a lasting legacy on ground. If I was not well thought I won’t be where I am today to the glory of God, I have few years in service, a year and two months, what legacy are we leaving behind? When you go to schools and you see teachers not on duty, out of nineteen teachers you meet five, you meet six, 8’0 clock, 9’0 clock, lesson note not written, diaries not filled, teachers not in school, some not in school in the last one year, in the last one and a half years, and they are receiving salaries and they want it to continue like that, that is my fear.

We heard that you met the local government chairman being fingered in the whole episode in the office of TESCOM chairman in Ibadan that day, who had gone there to report you and demand your replacement, how true is this sir?

It is very true, I asked him on that very day, I want you to give me list of names, Ogbomoso has about 2, 700 teachers, if I can only have about five or six of them, maybe, then what you are saying will be plausible. I should give you a particular example; I was in Ori-Oke Community High School, that school has twelve non-teaching staff, when so many other schools are not having a single one, the principal there has three typists, when most of the schools around do not have a single one, even in TESCOM office we have a single typist but she is having three typists, she has two messengers, and most of the schools are not having messengers at all, she is having two lab attendants, she is having four clerical officers, how will a school with 600 or 700 students be having twelve non-teaching staff, how many non-teaching staff do we have in the whole of Ogbomoso? So, when I got there I said this is very strange, I won’t allow more than a single typist to remain here, the others during the holiday will go to other places, my dear brother, is that witch-hunting? Two messengers in the school doing nothing, one is always doing okada, he is always on the street with his okada and he is receiving salary. I told him if you are a messenger, what are you messenger-ing here? What are you doing here? Come to TESCOM office! Is that witch-hunting? And one of our duties is to distribute teachers – teaching and non-teaching on a fairly equal basis, based on the student’ enrolment figure. I will give you another example, Obada in Odo-Oba, the school has 1, 214 students, 14 teachers, 5 vice principals and one principal making 20 but Ori-Oke is having 45 teachers with 600 students! Imagine Ogbomoso Girls High School, it has 27 corps members, a school that is not supposed to have more than 5 corps members having 27 and 17 of them are working with the secondary school, they now posted 10 illegally to primary schools and TESCOM is the one paying their money, are TESCOM and SUBEB the same thing? Why will I not report such a case? Why will I not try and stop such things so that the needful could be done? I have not even withdrawn the corpers, I said we will wait till during the holiday time, so that by the time we resume we would have done the needful. So, if people don’t want to work at all but they want to be receiving salary and they feel it should continue like that no problem, I am not from Ogbomoso I am from Oyo. If people don’t go to class and we say they should teach and they say no, there is a particular person in Ahoyaya or so, we got to the school, we demanded for his lesson note he said it was at home, we asked him to go and bring the lesson note, when he brought it, it was last written last year May and he was begging me, and I said go and update the one for this term and make sure you continue to write the lesson note. And I was in a place – Iro Community Grammar School, there is a lady there and she has not been in school since one and a half years, and she is receiving salary, no file in the school, no file in the office, I repeat, no file in the office, no file in the school! There is a particular guy in Ajaawa Grammar School or so, Obalade or something, he has been receiving salary but he has not been going to school, nothing to show for that, no letter of appointment of a political post, he has not been given study leave with pay, and he is receiving salary, how do you now ensure punctuality, how do we ensure others go to school and do the needful? Corpers in Ajaawa, they don’t go to school, they are residing in Ajaawa, very close to, I think at least around 30 or so of them, they will be coming to school after nine after ten, and when they come they dress indecently, wear crazy jeans with slippers, with bogus inscriptions, different write-ups, the ladies, their body will be exposed, all this is strange to me. So, I couldn’t just stomach it than to start correcting them, and if that is what they are now saying that I am somewhat being too harsh on them, I would find it strange likewise. When I came in newly, I engaged the principals, I engaged the vice principals, I think I told them what I want to do, the way we want the work to run, and most of the schools we go to, we do tell them what we want and that when we come back and they do not do what is expected we will frown at it. So, it has not been more than that, but if anybody is now claiming that there is a particular thing I have done that is against the ethics of the profession let them come up with their evidences. There is no time I go out that supervisors don’t follow me there, and sometimes we do record what we do, I have video clips of most of my engagements with people, if you want them, I won’t bother I will give them to you.

Thank you.




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