Bullying the ‘bully’: Transport union members invade Ogbomoso TESCOM office, demand removal of head

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Bullying the ‘bully’: Transport union members invade Ogbomoso TESCOM office, demand removal of hea


Pandemonium broke out yesterday at the Oyo State Post Primary School Teaching Service Commission (TESCOM), Ogbomoso zonal office, at Oja-Tuntun area, as hoodlums suspected to be members of a transport union invaded the place, in their numbers, to drive out staff and angrily demanded the transfer of the pioneer Tutor-General (T-G) posted to head the zone.

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“Supervisors and other staff were busy with various assignments in the office,” an eyewitness, who spoke under conditions of anonymity, began while speaking with ogbomosoinsightonline.com.

Continuing, the eyewitness disclosed, “Some of the supervisors were out on schools inspection and supervisory duties, in some less-city schools, on the directive of the new T-G. Suddenly, we heard screeching of tyres, and the hoodlums poured out of their vehicles. Then, they started to chase people; a guard was slapped and beaten. They audaciously demanded that the T-G be transferred forthwith, spewing spiteful and hurtful words.

“They protested that a non-indigene should not head the Ogbomoso TESCOM office. In fact, if the T-G was around, only God knows what they would have done to him.”

It was further gathered that the staff precipitately took to their heels to save their dear lives, scaling fences and escaping into the nearby Anglican Grammar School premises, just behind the office.

Meanwhile, investigations by ogbomosoinsightonline.com revealed that the desecration of the hallowed ground of knowledge was politically induced, and that it was orchestrated by a local government chairman (names withheld), said to have acted based on self-interest.

According to findings, “One of his (the chairman) aides is a school teacher, and for years had been working under him without applying for the statutory leave of absence. The aide was taking salary as a teacher yet he had not been going to his place of primary assignment,” a source disclosed.

The new head of Ogbomoso TESCOM Zonal office, Mr. Olatunde Suulola, who assumed office early last month, and who is an Oyo indigene, was said to have unearthed the anomaly and other appalling ones, which he believed were undermining proper teaching and learning in schools and was bent on taking proactive measures.

“The man came with a mission to improve the education sector under his purview. He is not laid-back, he is rather active, visiting schools randomly especially less-city schools, catching teachers and schools administrators unawares and trying to inculcate discipline, ensure regularity and punctuality among teachers, and promote effective teaching and learning,” a staff member in the office informed.

“He also focuses on ensuring compliance with approved mode of dressings especially as he found out many corps members are attired in non-conforming ways. Mr. Suulola besides, is uncomfortable with what is called disproportionate distribution of teachers and vice principals in schools in the zone.

“To buttress this last point, there is a school having about 1,100 students in a village school with twenty teachers including six vice principals whereas a metropolis school has about 700 students with 45 staff members.

“He has found out that many less-city schools face the challenge of inadequate teachers. So, he is trying to effect balancing by posting teachers found wanting in urban areas to schools with inadequate teachers.”

So, naturally, some people do not like this, believing he is too harsh. “In fact, some resort to blackmail grumbling why an Oyo indigene would come and head the zonal office. But this is ridiculous as if he would be the first non-indigene to head the place.

People like Chief Gbadegesin (also from Oyo) and Chief Adesokan had headed Ogbomoso TESCOM zonal office in the past, just like Ogbomoso indigenes are presently heading other zones as Permanent Secretaries.

“An Ogbomoso person is currently the Inspector General (Permanent Secretary) of the Ministry of Education in Irepo zone of Oke-Ogun area of the state, Dr Paul Oyedokun. Similarly in the past, Ogbomoso indigenes like Chief Sola Ayangbayi served as PS outside Ogbomoso. So, it is not something unprecedented. The hoodlums were misled due to their ignorance and exploited to unleash mayhem.

“The man is here to help improve the education sector, but the saboteurs are trying to frustrate him by blackmailing him. I was told they even had been calling the man’s wife to warn her to call her husband to order. It is preposterous!

“From experience an outsider will perform better in leading the as a non-indigene has no attachments that could be exploited to hamstring him,” an insider furiously noted.

In the meantime, efforts to speak with Suulola to react to the incident were unsuccessful as he did not come to the office yesterday; he was said to be in Ibadan on official assignment.

Many people have severely condemned the attack describing it as highly despicable. Some retired principals who spoke with our correspondent remarked that the perpetrators and their sponsors should as a matter of fact be brought to book.

“They have desecrated the bastion of secondary school education in Ogbomoso zone. They should be made to face the music to serve as deterrent to others in the future,” a retired principal fumed.

Meanwhile, ogbomosoinsightonline.com learnt that the perpetrators are now penitent positing that they acted in haste without bothering to find out the truth.

“Yes, our leaders were brainwashed that the man was ‘bullying’ teachers unfairly and generally acting against the interest of Ogbomoso. We believed we were acting in the interest of Ogbomoso, to help our kinsmen who are victims get rid of a tormentor,” a member of the transport union informed anonymously.

Are they not scared of going to the office today? Staff of TESCOM spoken to expressed fear “as we don’t know if the hoodlums will come back, we are talking of ‘up national,'” even as various stakeholders in the community mediate in the matter.



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