How ID card found at scene of theft led to arrest of security guards 

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How ID card found at scene of theft led to arrest of security guards to


Nemesis caught up with some traditional security guards in Ogbomoso Wednesday after an identity card that fell from one of them at the scene of the crime led to their arrest.

According to investigations by, the men were operatives providing security at a plumbing shop and an eatery/bar at Agbowo area.

They had attacked a container shop nearby opposite Owode Community Grammar School allegedly to steal a generating plant at a phone accessories’ shop. But unknown to them the owner went home with his plant.

The generating plant they allegedly wanted to steal

The proprietor of the next shop, a beer parlour, meanwhile, had a bitch (female dog), which he always locked inside his shop. The dog barked persistently at the night marauders, who responded by angrily slaughtering it after forcefully breaking open its kernel.

Outside the beer parlour were cartons of drinks, “hot” drinks, which they stole. They took the slaughtered dog behind the shop to prepare it into dog delicacy.

But unknown to them, the ID card of one of them had dropped. The owners of the shops discovered the security breach the next morning, with blood of the dog splattered at items where it was killed; also blood drops led them to where it was burned, eviscerated and butchered. Upon further look for telltale signs they found the ID card lying innocently on the ground.

Empty cartons of the drinks stolen

Explaining the incident, the owner of the phone accessories’ shop, who did not however give his name, said, “We stayed late the previous night but thank God, I took my generating set home. Maybe they thought it was in the shop. However, they killed the dog belonging to the owner of the next shop, a beer parlour.

“We saw blood splattered where the dog was locked. And we saw blood prints leading to the back of the shop, where they prepared it. It was later we saw the ID card on the ground, belonging to one of these local security agencies. After showing it to people, we found someone who knew the owner of the identity card.

“He is a vulcanizer who works as a guard at a plumbing shop nearby. We were able to locate his workshop at Ode-Abosa area section of the city. So, we reported the case to the police, who assisted us in arresting him. He first denied, but after he was subjected to torture, he confessed to the crime while mentioning other suspects, two of whom are security operatives next to his duty post. As at now seven suspects are in police net including those who helped to fry the dog meat and ate from it.”

The rock on which the dog was prepared

A leader of Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) in Oyo state told when asked for comment, “They broke the oath they took, that is why the ID card of one of them dropped at the scene without him knowing. You can’t’ betray such traditional organizations and go scot free, you will meet with dire consequences,” adding, “you know there are always bad eggs, even in the police, we could have unworthy people.”

A source at the Owode Police Station confirmed the incident disclosing investigation is still ongoing after which, he said, the suspects would be charged to court.




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