VGN operative viciously amputated by herdsmen cries out for help, says, ‘Fulani have become overlords

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VGN operative viciously amputated by herdsmen cries out for help, says, ‘Fulani have become overlords no’


A middle-aged man, Amodu Abubakar, who recently had his two hands cut off by Fulani herdsmen, has cried out for help.

The man, a member of the Vigilante Group of Nigeria (VGN), in Iwajowa Itasa in Oke-Ogun area of Oyo state, was heard in a short video posted by the BBC News, lamenting the misfortune and appealing to Nigerians to come to his aid.

Amodu Abubakar

“You can see my hand o,” raising the stump of his two amputated hands, continuing, he bemoaned, “I can’t do anything with my hands again, I can’t hold anything with the hands, I can’t eat with them or even remove my trousers. Nigerians should help me I have wife and children.”

Amodu narrated that he was on his way home from work the evening the incident happened when two Fulani herdsmen accosted him to deal him the blow. “I first saw them by a river – Oyen – after Budo Musa called Gbedu, they were drinking water, I passed them, then, they rode their motorcycle to overtake me, we did not greet, but I met them in the front again, waiting for me. I was focused on my journey, then, they attacked me with machete, without provoking them, and I quickly parked.

“It was so sudden; as I made to retrieve my gun hung on my shoulders, I saw one of my hands rolling on the ground, it had been cut off. They were not done, as they continued to struggle with me for the gun and so, they cut off my second hand. They subsequently escaped.”

The chief of the community, whose name could not however be ascertained, expressed grief over the dastardly act, saying he had summoned the Fulani leaders in the community. “I was sad when I heard the matter. I had to summon the Fulani leaders in the community. Why should they be harming us?” while placing grievous curse on the perpetrators.

Speaking on the matter likewise, Hon Akeem Adedibu, who is representing Iwajowa State Constituency, and who is Chief Whip of the Oyo State House of Assembly, said it is a difficult situation. He noted many of the Fulani herders had lived in the area for over hundred years and that many of them don’t have any other home.

He added however, “We will have to identify the bad ones and drive them away. The Oyo State House of Assembly is working towards that presently.”

Overwhelmed by grief, Mr. Abubakar bewailed, “We took them in as guests, accommodated them warmly but they have become superior; they make laws, control us, eat up our farms, over which we can do nothing to their cows; they machete us without mercy; they kill us as they like, Nigeria should come to our aid.”


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