Sunday Igboho thanks Benin President, says, i’m back

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Yoruba nation agitator, Chief Sunday Adeyemo, who was incarcerated in Benin Republic for seven months, has expressed immense gratitude to the government of the West African country over the manner he was treated while in their custody.
Chief Adeyemo popularly called Igboho Oosa, in a 28 minutes video on April 7, released by Koikimedia, in an ebbulient mood noted President Patrice Talon of Benin Republic, is a man of sagacity and competence, who had transformed his country into an eldorado.

From left: Prof Akintoye, Igboho, Salami and Adeniran

Adeyemo recalled in the video, accompanied by the trio of Professor Banji Akintoye, leader of Yoruba nation agitators; Professor Wale Adeniran and his lawyer, Ibrahim Salami, how he vehemently resisted his incarceration in Benin unaware it was a ploy to protect him from the wolves seeking his blood in Nigeria.
“I want all Yoruba people to thank President Talon, he is a good man, many untrue things were said about him that he had received money from the Nigerian government to compromise, but it is lie.
“Look at me, do l appear like someone who was in prison, l am as strong as ever. I had freedom, was fed well, slept well, except l couldn’t sleep with my wife.”
Sunday igboho who escaped a brutal attack by Nigerian security agents on his Ibadan home on July 1, 2021 before being arrested in Benin Republic on July 20, while traveling to Germany, and only released on March 3, was full of praises to President Talon for what he described as his transformation of his country within five years
“President Talon has really developed Benin Republic. If Nigeria is as developed as Benin Republic no one will be agitating for a better country, no one will be agitating for Yoruba nation. Someone like me won’t be an agitator, what has God not given me?”
The Yoruba nation agitator, who said he had been going to the Benin Republic since 1996 to transact business in cars disclosed he had witnessed a lot in the tiny West African country.
He submitted, “Benin Republic in the past, before the coming of Talon, was a country you would see many policemen on the roads taking bribes yet the crime rate was high. But today, things have changed tremendously, you can’t see policemen on the roads taking bribes again, they were removed from the roads, and their salaries increased impressively.
“Then, today, electricity supply has improved, there is constant electricity, in the seven months l was in their prison there was no power outage. He is building infrastructures, good roads with underground drainage, no Fulani herdsmen destroying farms or moving down the roads, bribery is eradicated, street lighting that you may not have to put on your car’s headlights, free education, no teachers’ strikes, eradication of quackery in the medical profession, infact you can’t buy drug over the counter without doctor’s prescription. If Nigeria is like that no one will agitate for separation of the country. Nigeria closed its borders against him to destroy its economy but it presses on. Talon is a sagacious and competent man. He upholds law and justice. By the time he is through many will mistake that country for Paris or London.”
Adeyemo stated further that when he was arrested President Talon assured him he would order a thorough investigations to determine if he had contravened any Benin laws, adding, “l was resisting not knowing they are seeking to protect me from the wolves baying for my blood in Nigeria. They said l should realize that President Talon wants to protect me.”
He stressed, “Yoruba will be liberated from the clutches of Fulani, Yoruba is in slavery. If they killed us we must not complain, if we are kidnapped we must not talk if we report to the police we will be jailed. What did l do except to demand these atrocities stop. This is why they want to kill me. I didn’t perpetrate robbery, l didn’t commit any crime.”
He thanked all Yoruba people throughout the world especially those in Benin and the Eguns of Benin and his lawyers for standing by him during his travails boasting “l am coming back to Ibadan, l am a true born of Oyo, see my tribal marks, a child is never afraid of coming to his father’s house, l am coming back soon. Fear not, nothing will happen, nobody will intimidate anyone, l did not break any laws by asking that we be protected from Fulani herdsmen.
“And the court has awarded me victory, l am coming back and the N20b court asked the government of Nigeria to pay me, they will pay it. I thank all Egun and Yoruba people in Benin and their Obas and chiefs. I will still express gratitude when l get to my home in Ibadan. Don’t you see me? I am well taken care of in Benin, l was not as fine as this in Ibadan. Igboho is back, be rest assured. I am happy. Sunday is hale and hearty. I have no ailment, my legs are in perfect condition, my stomach is okay. May God bless President Patrice Talon.’


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