Areago fires back: Run away ke? i am second in command to Soun, why would i run away?

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The Areago of Ogbomosoland High Chief Sobalaje Otolorin has reacted to a news making the rounds that he had run away from Ogbomoso as a result of guilty conscience and fear over the role he allegedly played in the emergence of Soun-designate Prince Afolabi Ghandi Oluwafemi Olaoye.
Several online media have reported that Chief Otolorin’s life was threatened because he was alleged of favouring Prince Ghandi during the screening exercise, suggesting this had boomeranged and so the high chief had taken to his heels.
This prompted to visit his residence at Areago Olabosinde compound, Ojude Jagun, Ogbomoso, yesterday evening to verify the information.
He was met at home to receive visitors and amazingly he was in ebullient mood though he just rose from sleep.
When surprise was expressed that he was in, he let out a beatific laugh saying the rumour was a preposterous one.
The Areago noted that he was the next in command to the Soun and since there is no Soun on the throne the traditional rulership of the town is in his hands and so could not leave or it would amount to abdication of his role.
“Moreover,” he continued, “how can l run away? What have l done wrong that will warrant my fleeing? We did what we needed to do in a transparent and fair manner. We followed due process in choosing the heir apparent.
“Run away ke? Four kingmakers voted, it ended in two-two votes for the last two princes. As the chairman of the kingmakers l have the right of the casting vote, which means the deciding vote in case of a tie. If we had collected bribes, Ghandi would have won at first vote.
“I am in Ogbomoso, in my house, l have not run away o. I did nothing wrong. Why would I run away. Leave the detractors alone let them say what they like, the matter would be resolved, there will be calm.”

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