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It has been really hilarious reading some articles by many supposedly versed Christian teachers like Deji Yesufu condemn Pastor Ghandi for daring to contest for the position of traditional King of Ogbomoso.
I read the long treatise from Mr Deji Yesufu where he condemned Pastor Ghandi’s audacity to run for the stool of Soun of Ogbomosho and indeed condemned all Christians who are in politics or planning to run for political offices.
Since this debate about the role of a Christian in secular pursuits is one I think Christianity has been overdue to have especially in Nigeria, I must respond to Deji Yesufu and any other like minded Christian who felt Pastor Ghandi was out of line to dare to want to be King of Ogbomosho despite being eminently qualified by birth and by achievement… and those who may think it’s wrong for a Christian to engage in secular pursuits.
Frankly, I think the Deji Yesufu and people thinking like him are CONFUSED about the whole thing called Christianity and that thought process represents everything wrong with Christianity today, and largely explains why we Christians are not making enough transformational change in this world that God gave to be His Ambassadors.
The absurd and UNSCRIPTURAL idea that Christians should not get involved in things of the world is at the very top of the reasons why Pentecostal Christianity today is mostly all Efizy and no transformation in their environment.
This is why we have the biggest churches and biggest gathering of Christians on earth in Nigeria and yet our nation is a shithole of corruption and filth and occultism. That’s why we have a church in every corner but still sit at the bottom ranking of the world countries on corruption, wickedness and retrogression.
We got here because those who can make changes, and those who have been MANDATED to go into the world to make changes, prefer to gather at night vigils in their churches and pronounce prayers of healing and restoration on the nation, as if God is a magician who would give you corn at night when you have used all day to sow yam.
This is one of many reasons I rarely go to night vigils anymore. They are mostly now gatherings of people who are trying to reap by night vigil what they did not sow by morning Hardwork. In my opinion God just laughs and that’s why you hardly see any changes even after 10 hours of vigil every week and every month. You would think Christians by now must be figuring it out that something is wrong!
I am glad Pastor Ghandi actually took this step becos I know it will force a debate on WHAT EXACTLY is a Christian and what our role in society is or what our goal on this earth should be and maybe we can get a revival going where Christians will start taking control of this world in order to make it in the image of heaven as mandated by Jesus, by God and by the Bible!
Jesus went to synagogues that was filled with filth (and cleansed it with violence),
Jesus went to parties and took control of things when the wine finished to show there can’t be lack when the Spirit is present (His first public act of miracle was at a party where people were drinking serious wine even if not malt whiskey)
Jesus fraternized with known prostitutes and women of shady character and was in fact decorated by one of them with fine expensive perfume by one (Mary). Instead of distancing Himself from the sinful woman, Jesus used His association with the woman who was a sinner to turn her into a legend of virtue.
Salt can’t season anything without mixing with it. You have to get involved with things that need seasoning to get the opportunity to clean it.
Jesus had no problems going to eat in the house of one of the people considered to be most despicable sinners of the day (Zaccheus). Instead of distancing Himself from Zaccheus, Jesus used the opportunity of association with him to turn stingy Zaccheus into a benevolent giver. Same thing he did with Simon.
But what did we over-spiritual Christians learn from all that? To run away from the filth of the world and then solve it in night vigils? What a shame. If Christians don’t go to bad spots to clean it, who would? Can evil heal itself ?
Christians who engage in ‘Ostrich Christianity’ like this Deji Yesufu just crack me up as the one who are the hypocrites or sincerely ignorant at best.
If prayer could make a nation whole, Nigeria will be next to heaven. I am surprised Christians haven’t figured that one out yet but keep doing the same thing over and over again (praying) and expecting a different result from their political leaders and govt agencies.
Nothing has changed with prayers alone in Nigeria. In fact it is getting worse. Still, we gather every Sunday and every Friday for prayers for God to turn the nation around. Yet, we all agree we are God’s representatives on earth? Doesn’t it even make you feel stupid sometimes? God put you (and I) in Nigeria to CHANGE Nigeria but we go on our knees every Sunday and Friday night and ask Him to do the work He gave you? We must stop kidding ourselves by trying to mock GOD. God can’t be mocked! A nation will REAP what it sowed unless we go in there and force different seed time for our nation as children of God.
If institutions are going to change into the image of God’s Son we need more than prayers. We need to seize levers of power and make it happen. Period. And stools of traditional kingships is part of it. Make no mistake you all.
Muslims show us everyday how it’s done but instead of learning, we just whine. Muslims will go into institutions and DEMAND they conform to their belief system and then they use their positional powers to make it so. Do I need to give examples? They even managed to get sharia written into the constitution of the land though the person leading the drafting the constitution was a Christian
But I digress. Back to Pastor Ghandi and the kingship of Ogbomosho.
People tell me does Pastor Ghandi not know that they do occultic things in the palace of Obas and even eat body parts of the previous king as part of ‘A nje oba rituals’? My answer is, so what if they did? That:s even the whole point! We need a Christian to go in there and bring the LIGHT of understanding into what’s wrong by refusing to do any occult ritual! Ghandi is strong enough, and we should support him in prayers to remain strong enough, I think, to resist and change the game if indeed that nonsense is still going on (which I doubt anyway).
Somebody had to go into communities in Calabar to show them it’s wrong to kill twins, right?
If occultic practices could be eradicated with prayers alone, Nigeria will not have witches and wizards any more. We need a Christian who would not participate in it to be king and then he can reverse age long practice of occultism if indeed it’s being practiced there. We don’t have to practice occultism to maintain our traditions, at least the progressive ones
Contrary to the impractical and half baked logic of Christianity espoused by Deji Yesufu, KINGDOM WORK IS A CONTACT SPORT! You must get in the gutter if you really want to cleanse it. You can’t clean it by remote control of praying in your 5 million capacity church.
Christians, as the Salt of the Earth, are DUTY BOUND to get into the gutter and cleanse it while they themselves take great care to be spiritually separated from the filth they are cleaning. Unfortunately most of us misunderstand what Jesus meant when he said ‘be ye separated from the world’. Obviously He could not mean that we should not engage with the world since He himself mixed and engaged fully with the world!
How would Salt season food if it does not mix with it? Mr Deji Yesufu is the kind of Salt who wants to season food by staying in his comfortable bubble of church building and speaking in tongues to the food to get seasoned!
What a hilarious position to take on a very serious issue.
I cannot speak to who spoke to Pastor Ghandi to go become a King. He said GOD spoke to him. I don’t know since I was not there but I believe him. In any case, whether I believe him or not GOD does not even need to speak anything special to him regarding this Soun of Ogbomosho stool. God already spoke enough and continues to speak LOUDLY still on the issue!
It’s all there in scripture and it’s all there in the teachings of Jesus. WE ARE CHRIST AMBASSADORS and we are ORDERED AND EXPECTED to take the Gospel of the Kingdom to ALL CORNERS OF THE WORLD. It’s a STANDING ORDER by the King of the Kingdom Himself. So what word is he even supposed to be waiting for?
If Pastor Ghandi has an opportunity to go into the institution of kingship in Nigeria, and can bring the light of truth into that most bastardized institution, then he has NO CHOICE as a Christian. It’s his DUTY as a Christ ambassador. All that ‘GOD told me’ stuff is him just trying to make people like Deji understand he has to do what he has to do. To me it’s unnecessary.
God does not need to speak much anymore. He gave us His Son, and He gave us The Holy Spirit, and He gave us the Bible. WHAT MORE DOES GOD NEED TO SAY BEFORE WE GET IT?
Christians are Christ Ambassadors and they will be the first to say so because it is a good quote from Paul.
Unfortunately, like a confused people we think our ambassadorship is to be exercised in our home country (heaven) rather than the place we are posted (earth)
When we understand that ambassadors do NOT work in their home country, but in the place of posting we will all start doing our work of making earth to look like heaven by going into EVERY INSTITUTION AND BRINGING THE LIGHT OF GOD TO BEAR (The main job of an ambassador is to try to brainwash people in your foreign posting to think and act like your own people and try to make it like your home country)
Translation: there should not be a thriving institution doing rituals when an ambassador is in a position to take control and run things like this King of Ogbomoso thing.
Now, since we all agree GOD does not make mistake, then every thing has a divine plan behind it. Therefore, Ghandi being born into the royal family of Ogbomosho has to be somehow linked into his assignment on earth for God. Right?
So, He should go in there and make GOD proud! Enough of all this second guessing by his brothers and sisters who should be having his back right now!
Of course there is danger he may be consumed by what he set out to change but that’s the risk every ambassador must take.
Paul KNEW he must go to Rome and preach to the household of Caesar regardless of the danger. He was a Jewish citizen who was also Roman by birth (just like a Nigerian born in USA) before becoming a Christian for a reason. So his positioning was tied to his kingdom assignment to bring the gospel to the house of the emperor of Rome, because by getting the emperor’s household to buy into Christianity, Christianity has a chance to go global.
So Paul had NO CHOICE but to go to Rome, and that’s what he kept fighting to do even in the face of danger. Even when Roman governor was minded of setting him free he instead appealed to Rome so he can finally take his cleansing game there.
He got his wish, got to Rome, and CONVERTED some in the household of Caesar but ultimately lost his life in jail there
That is the lot of a REAL Ambassador of Christ. You take a place that needs to be touched with the light and salt of God and which you were positioned to have influence and go do your job. If You die, you die!
Let’s all start praying for Ghandi as he goes into the lions’ den as a Christ ambassador instead of doing this clinical analysis about how a Chrstian should be above earthly things.
Earth is OUR place of assignment (in fact bible was even clear the new Earth is where we will all live forever anyway, when God finally creates a new heaven and and a new earth, and NOT heaven which is a temporary place after death.
According to the Bible, Even Jesus Himself will ultimately live on this earth permanently and be the light of the city and there will be no more seas becos he Himself will be sufficient as the King of Earth. In case that sounds crazy to you, go google and read your bible very well. I won’t even give you verses. Make it an assignment
So let’s get going!
This earth is important to God and he sent us here to ‘work’ it and to cleanse it to make it look and feel like heaven but we have erected cathedrals to hide in and speak in tongues while the world GOD gave us to transform is sliding to hell
Jesus said the Gates of Hell CANNOT Stop the march of his own Kingdom but by our misconception of His teaching we have allowed the gates of hell to stop us as a church from reaching inside it and bringing out souls bound for hell. (Afterall Gates are meant to KEEP OUT PEOPLE. So when Jesus said gates of hell shall not stop us, he really meant we are supposed to go INTO hell and bring people out. He himself did it by descending into hell and when he came out he led the captivity captive. Got it?
Let’s all stand with Pastor Ghandi as he dares to go into the ‘hell’ of Ogbomosho Kingship and let’s help him with prayers, resources and physical support as he tries ot clean out the Aegean stable of anything ungodly in the palace of Soun or in the traditional practices of that land.
I call this move Ghandi’s Missionary to Ogbomosho and I say BRAVO! to a Kingdom Ambassador! I salute you my brother: Omo Ghandi-Olaoye.

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