Who is Afraid of Ghandi?

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Ben George
Yah, who is afraid of Ghandi?
The name Afolabi Ghandi Olaoye recently burst into the firmament of Ogbomoso
Only a few knew him before, only a few were aware of his existence previously
But since his appearance he has gained in ascendancy, he has gained in fame
He is closer to sitting on the throne of Soun of Ogbomosoland more than any other prince
The officers of the state saddled with the task have chosen him, they have dispatched his name to the final arbiter
But who are those afraid of Ghandi? What has he done to offend them?
Isn’t he a Prince of the Soun Royal Dynasty?
Isn’t he eligible? Didn’t he meet the simple task of expressing interest in the throne? Was his great grandfather not a former Soun and his great great grandfather not one?
Why would the family screen him out? Is something being hidden? Who is afraid of Ghandi?
Is it because of religion? Is it because of his personal successes? Is it because of his influence and connections?
Who is afraid of Ghandi?
Isn’t he a good prospect for the development of Ogbomoso and its neighbouring towns? Doesn’t the domain stand to gain immensely from his Sounship?
Do they want a lilliputian? Or a weakling? Or a feeble-minded Prince? Or a stooge?
Who is afraid of a man of exposure? Who is afraid of an enlightened man? Who is afraid of a man who had seen the world? Who is afraid of the man who can use his vast experience to transform his domain?
Who is afraid of a man worthy of being king in any clime?
Come Ghandi come! We await your coronation, we who aren’t of worldly royalty but are desirous of a greater Ogbomoso!
The souls of the past Souns who loved this town will usher you into the throne
Your creator who prepared you for this day will uplift you to the throne, those who are bitter about your emergence we pray God will soften their hearts!
We await earnestly the day the gong would be sounded summoning us to celebrate your coronation!
Who is afraid of Ghandi?

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