SOUN STOOL: An open letter by Prince Kabir Olaoye

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Office of Prince Muhammed Kabir Olaoye
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March 29, 2022

The Editor, Ogbomoso Insight,

Dear Sir,


Whereas I am an aspirant in the ongoing selection process to choose the next King of Ogbomosoland and indeed a concerned citizen of Ogbomosoland and a stakeholder as an heir apparent to the throne of Soun of Ogbomoso, I have found it demeaning and undignified, that certain elements, believed to be cohorts of one or more of the aspirants in the contest, are peddling rumours, that I, Prince Muhammed Kabir Olaoye, has stepped down for one of the aspirants.
I am dumbfounded and totally exasperated that at this point in time when we seek an upward trend in our cultural and political development, people can still be desperately looking for ways to drag us into an abyss, in which they flourish and revel in a purported bourgeoisie constituted hegemonic class.

I, Prince Muhammed Kabir Olaoye, hereby condemn in its entirety this rumour and any further counter-productive activity against my city, Ogbomoso and my people of Ogbomosoland. Indeed having been born into the Soun Royal Family Lineage of Ogbomoso, Oyo State, and therefore a stakeholder in the quest for the development of this great city and also a true son by birth and origin, I should know better that at this point in time, we all should patiently wait for the selection committee to do their work and choose the most credible King who will continue the legacy which HRM, Oba Alaiyeluwa Jimoh Oyewumi, the Ajagungbade III, left behind and indeed spelt out in his publication, The Merchant Prince (pp 37), “that any successor to the throne should be a direct son and grandson of a former King”.

My parents are Prince and Princess Usamah Abioye Olaoye. My direct grandfather, Olaoye Oke Olanipekun was the paramount ruler of Ogbomoso and reigned from 1944 to 1952.
I hereby want to state here categorically that I have not and will not step down for any aspirant and also use this opportunity once again to state that to bring a quick development to Ogbomoso, we must preach love, unity of purpose and kinship.

That is why I have sat down to look deeply at this great opportunity and indeed have seek substantial consultations and support from the elite groups, and the sons and daughters of Ogbomosoland, locally, nationally and in diaspora to gather therefrom and bring about that required change in Ogbomosoland.

My youthfulness has been inordinately exhausted from class distinction and hegemonic activities in the polity that promise so much but give so little, I am emotionally inept from the expectations of my people and peers, and also despondent from the inability to caste away anxiety filled doubt at a future that seems implausible.

I have worked hard to uphold our cultural values and stand out among my fellow princes and princesses in obligatory offerings of royal activities. As an individual and a young adult, I believe it is the
responsibility of younger generations to work towards being the best version of ourselves we can possibly be.

In all, I, Amb. Engr. Dr. Prince Kabir Muhammed Olaoye (PKO) needs your support,
goodwill, advice and particularly prayers to achieve this goal rather than acrimony and distraction.

Thank you

Amb. Engr. Dr. Prince Kabir Muhammed Olaoye (PKO) Grandson of Oba Oke Olaoye Olanipekun (1944 to 1952)

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