2023: Ogbomoso North/South/Orire Federal Constituency Must Be Committed To Zoning

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Many may argue that 2023 is about one year away, thus, it is too early to talk about such a seemingly far date by mere mortals. But for politicians, the preparation for the next election started the day the 2019 elections ended. Permutations are becoming rife already, so are consultations. This is the due season where hopefuls return to their base to garner grassroots supports and repair any strained relationship with estranged associates.
On account of smart political maneuverings, the ancient town of Ogbomoso readily comes to mind. Apart from being the main turf of the old Western Region politics, it is the only town other than Ibadan that has produced a governor in the state since the start of the Fourth Republic – Ogbomoso prides herself as a fertile ground for political urbanity.
However, the foremost obstacle that is holding back the city’s development is the hegemonic domination of a particular local government over others. Out of the five local governments that constitute the city, only Ogbomoso North and South can claim to be an adequate recipient of political goodies and patronage. The local government houses all the major landmarks in the town – General Hospital, Technical College, LAUTECH, Soun Township Stadium, College of Medicine, LAUTECH Teaching Hospital and a lot more. While other local governments can best be described as sleepy, Ogbomoso North and South revel in abundance of developments.
This may not be unconnected with the deliberate neglect of other local governments of the town in the scheme of things. It is laughable that a city that is priming herself to be a state capital is fond of ceding her human and material resources to a particular local government. Can any town achieve holistic development by drawing attention to only a corridor in her locality?
In Ogbomoso North/South/Orire Federal Constituency the story is not different. Since inception, all federal representatives in the constituency are natives of Ogbomoso North and Ogbomoso South – Temi Adibi, Fatai Buhari, Mulikat Adeola, Segun Ogunwuyi and the incumbent, Ajao Adejumo.
One wonders if the federal legislative seat of the constituency has become the birthright of Ogbomoso North and South. One also wonders if Oriire local government is short of credible candidates that could mount the position of leadership. If this marginalization persists or festers, the consistency risks ripping its peaceful coexistence apart.
Any attempt by the leading political parties to field a candidate from Ogbomoso North or South to represent the constituency in 2023 will amount to a show of crass inappropriateness which will be met by total restraint from Oriire local government in the constituency.

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