Another bloody fracas in Ogbomoso as Idi Emi village near Ipeba erupts in war over land, scores killed, houses, cars burnt

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  1. It is another day of blood spilling in Ogbomoso area specifically in Oriire local government area as two neighbouring villages Idi-Emi and Adetunji along Ogbomoso-Oyo road near Ipeba are currently engaged in war over land dispute.
A burnt car

According to information reaching travellers from Oyo this afternoon had to take a detour to Ajaawa route in a hurried manner to avoid being caught in the crossfire.
“They were shooting incessantly at each other, houses were seen being burnt, in fact l counted about ten houses on fire before l made my l escape, parked vehicles are being burnt, charms were ferociously on display, it was a bloody engagement,” a traveller who did not want his name in print told
Further investigations revealed that the war is between a faction in Idi-Emi in alliance with an adjacent village, Adetunji, against another faction in Idi-Emi.
It was learnt that this dispute over land has been on for over ten years between the two factions in Idi-Emi.
According to a source, one of the factions inherited a large swathe of lands from their forefathers who gained possession of the land because they were hardworking while the rival faction though of the same village has fewer lands “because they have always been slothful.”
“Then, about ten years ago the other group with fewer lands began to covet the lands of the other group and so sought support from unscrupulous Baales (chiefs) in nearby villages to forcefully take the lands which they were selling.
“The matter is in court with victory already on the side of the rightful owners of the land. So, the other group resorted to attacking their kinsmen in their farms to drive them away.
“This morning however they brought some miscreants again and in the process of harrasing a farmer killed him. That was the catalyst for the mayhem as the other side also mobilized thugs from Oyo to exact revenge.
“So, they started burning the aggresors’ residents. Adetunji people were involved because they are a party to the imbroglio. The faction that owns the land had alloted lands to the Adetunji people for settlement from a long time ago and so they also became victims of illegal sales of lands. That is what brought them.into the mayhem this afternoon as they supported the side that owns the land” the source informed.
As at the time of filing this report the war is still raging.

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