Bloody fracas in Iluju Ogbomoso; one security agent, one civilian die, town deserted

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The age-long peace in Iluju along Ogbomoso-Ikoyi road in Oriire local government area of Oyo state was shattered yesterday’s evening following a bloody fracas in the agrarian community as a result of misunderstanding between party crooners and some men said to be thugs..
The crisis which had led to inhabitants fleeing the community overnight as it had been taken over by soldiers allegedly bent on revenge started when the thugs demanded tips from guests at the wedding party.
The thugs were rebuffed and this led to fracas as the miscreants allegedly rough handled some people in a bid to get money.
The organizers of the party reportedly called the Operation Burst operatives who have a post nearby by the Oba bridge.
The operatives stormed the scene; they pursued the miscreants, in the process one of them was struggling with the gun of a security agent during which a shot was fired leading to the death of the thug.
Another source however said someone riding to the party on motorcycle was hit by a ball being played by some youths at another side of the field. The man was furious and in the ensuing melee the Operation Burst men were invited who allegedly shot in the stomach a young man trying to mediate the fracas.

The victim suspected to be a member of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) died in the instant.
Whichever is true the alleged killing by the security operatives was the instigator for further pandemonium as the colleagues of the deceased mobilized against the security agents, overpowered them and reportedly beat the alleged culprit to stupour leading to his death. His colleagues took to their heels and the angry mob was said to have burnt down their vehicle along with the dead security agent.
The security operatives called for reinforcements and they had taken over the whole town.
Residents had fled in their numbers turning the community into a ghost town.
A resident who preferred anonymity told that he was in Ogbomoso when the incident happened but had to rush down to the market town to evacuate his family who he said had already fled into the bush and so had to trek through the bush to Ogbomoso.
He lamented there was no way he could go to his place of work today or his children going to school as all what they needed are at Iluju.
When reached out to the commander of Operation Burst in Ogbomoso he said he would get back.
Government workers in schools and local governments beyond Iluju could not go to work today for fear of caught in crossfire.

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