APC: Paying Nigerians with a bad coin by Adewuyi ADEGBITE

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The All Progressives Congress (APC) birthed in 2013 by the legacy parties; the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), a faction of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) and the new Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), which was a faction of the ruling PDP at the time. The APC was welcomed by Nigerians with enthusiasm believing that the party would save them from the misrule of the PDP. While it held sway in Nigeria which lasted for 16 years, Nigeria missed the golden opportunity of being transformed in all sectors that could have helped it attain its destiny as the giant of Africa. This does not mean that the party is a failure. During its time, the party welded together various ethnic nationalities through its zoning arrangement which gave all zones a sense of belonging. Nigeria’s debt was paid off during Obasanjo’s era and by the time it lost election, the debt was minimal. Nigeria’s economy was buoyant and it was the biggest in Africa. Living condition of Nigerians was relatively okay. Nonetheless, corruption was endemic with no solution in sight, insecurity of lives and properties was equally a menace especially Boko Haram insurgency in the North East and parts of the North, that was badly managed led to loss of lives and properties and drained Nigeria’s scarce resources.
By the time APC was founded Nigerians had become fed up with PDP and it was easy for APC to warm itself into the consciousness of Nigerians, it became a beautiful bride of sort. APC’s presidential candidate Gen Muhammadu Buhari rtd due to his personal integrity, zero tolerance for corruption and indiscipline was seen as a messiah who would lead Nigeria to the Promised Land. Buhari had tried fruitlessly to win Nigeria’s presidency for three consecutive times. However, his prayers were answered in 2015 when he defeated incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan in a landslide victory to end 16 years of PDP’s misrule. During its campaign, APC promised Nigerians heaven and earth and Nigerians swallowed the promises hook, line and sinker. These include reduction in the price of petroleum products, buoyant economy, war against corruption, war against insurgency and insecurity; it equally promised restructuring of Nigeria’s lopsided federation, though the last point was denied after attaining the prize. Nigerians gave President Buhari full support when he came in and as a matter of fact and for the first time in Nigeria’s history, fuel prices were increased with Nigerians raising no eyebrows.
Seven years down the lane, can we say that APC has affected the fortunes of Nigeria positively? To be fair to the Buhari presidency, Boko Haram insurgency has been tamed to a large extent and peace returning gradually to the troubled North East region. However, herdsmen menace has replaced Boko Haram insurgency in all parts of Nigeria but more pronounced and deadly in the middle belt. Many innocent souls have been sent to their early graves and farming has been disrupted in the middle belt especially. Buhari presidency is helpless in curbing herdsmen menace due to President Buhari’s soft spot for the herdsmen. As a matter of fact, he told Benue people to learn to accommodate herdsmen being their fellow compatriots despite the havocs wrecked in the state. Aside, insecurity of lives and properties due to herdsmen menace, banditry, kidnapping and money rituals are prevalent in Nigeria today. All these are menaces Nigerians are battling with, with the government helpless. War Against Corruption promised by Buhari presidency has been a pipe dream because APC has been a safe haven for corrupt politicians, civil servants and the likes with baggage of corruption on their necks. A former chairman of the party actually promised corrupt politicians safe landing once they join APC. Nigeria’s debts have increased due to Buhari presidency’s penchant for foreign loans. Nigeria’s sovereignty has been nearly handed to the Chinese lenders and future generations would continue to pay debts incurred by the Buhari presidency. The irony is that the humongous debt incurred on behalf of Nigerians has not affected their lives positively. Though certain infrastructures have been upgraded like railways but key sectors like refineries, electricity, agriculture and rural roads are largely in comatose. Inflation is biting hard and purchasing power of Nigerians is low making their lives miserable.
In a more volatile clime, people would have revolted against the misrule of the nation. However, having been dehumanized, it is suffering and smiling all the way. There is hardly any other time when Nigerians save political office holders including their cronies are bearing the brunt of a clueless leadership than today. Fuel scarcity, firstly occasioned by what the government tagged importation of adulterated fuel by unscrupulous Nigerians. Till today, no one has been held responsible. The belief of many is that having failed in its bid to remove subsidy on petroleum products, which when outside the corridor of power the APC’s leadership said was a sham and a conduit pipe to steal Nigeria’s patrimony, it has introduced artificial scarcity to force the devilish policy down the Nigerians’ throats. Scarcity or skyrocketed prices of fuel have led to hyper inflation in the land, many have died due to fuel related auto accidents, while costs of goods and services have been unaffordable for average Nigerians.
With all the existential crises in the land mum is the case with the Buhari presidency, instead of pitying Nigerians, politicians have embarked on usual steeple chase for Nigeria s destiny. I sum all this up by saying that APC has taken Nigeria for a ride. Many Nigerians are regretting their support for ‘change’ which was unspecified. The consolation is that President Buhari achieved his ambition and his ability has been seen by all. However, how far his ability has gone in the transformation of Nigeria is left for posterity to determine.
Former President Obasanjo has admonished Nigerians not to expect more from the present administration. Though this did not go down well with the presidency and its acolytes but nothing is farther than the truth.

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