Blind Centre: Students accuse authorities of evicton from hostel, ‘No, renovation ongoing,’ authorities fire back

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Students of the Nigerian Training Centre for the Blind, Ogbomoso, have accused the school authorities of ejecting them from their hostels lamenting that their personal effects like stoves, pots and so on were also missing.

A renovated section of the hostels

According to some of the students who spoke with, but who preferred anonymity, they went on holidays in December but “When we came back in January our rooms had been broken into and our personal belongings were missing. In fact we first thought it was a case of burglary.
“They broke our personal cupboards, we couldn’t find our stoves, our pots and other stuffs. When we asked to know what happened from the school authorities we were told they needed to carry out renovation in the hostels. But should our belongings be stolen or thrown away?”

But a source in the school said authoritatively that the students flouted a simple order, explaining that is why their valuable items were packed out.
The source said, “The students have become heady in recent months. They refuse simple instructions and rules. They are growing wings and causing troubles.
“Some four months ago they went to the extent of going on air, flooding the social media with various news and tarnishing the image of the state government that this place was a desert.
“They made so much noise that everyone pointed accusing fingers at the government and the school authorities. Now, the government thought well, let’s do something about the situation and so a committee was inaugurated to look into the agitations.
“The committee visited the school several times the same way the Special Adviser to the Governor on Disability Barrister Ayodele Adekanmbi came around to investigate. It was thus decided that the government would renovate the hostels especially and provide some amenities.
“The repair works which had started include fixing of broken louvres, net, doors, painting etc while boreholes have been reactivated and from two they now have three functional boreholes and so water is running efficiently. Their bathrooms, toilets and many facilities have been given a facelift with shower now running. New mattresses were bought for them and bunk beds repaired.
“Meanwhile, when they were going on holidays in December, the authorities asked them to remove all their valuable belongings and to leave the doors to the hostels open so that the renovation work could start in earnest. But they didn’t pay heed, they locked the doors and left their items in the rooms.
“When workmen who would effect the renovation came around, the authorities informed the Special Adviser on Disability, Barrister Adekanmbi, about the situation and the school was directed to break open the doors and remove the items so that work could start.”
The source further informed that the students would now resume to the hostels by February 20 when both the phase one and phase two of the project would have been completed stressing that the situation could not be helped.
The source however noted that new rules and guidelines have been made to return sanity to the troubled school.
According to the informer these include signing of undertaking by the students to be of good behaviour, which will be countersigned by their parents, prohibition of electrical gadgets like pressing iron, prohibition of mufti in the hostel, prohibition of cooking by the students etc.
“There are about 75 students and pupils in the centre – 35 in the secondary section but it is those in SS two and three that are creating nuisance,” the source added.
In the meantime students now live in rented apartments pending when the renovation work would complete even as the affected students are bemoaning the loss of their personal effects.

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