Unbelievable, Akala is dead, we planned together yesternight, lamented the cleric who was with him few hours to his death

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The death of former Governor Christopher Adebayo Alao-Akala this morning has continued to baffle a lot of people especially in Ogbomoso the epicentre of his politics.
He touched many lives and left a huge legacy that will be difficult to match.

Niyi Adebayo

He arrived Ogbomoso yesterday to the admiration of his core supporters.
As usual when he touched down in Ogbomoso his Opadoyin Akala Lodge at Randa became a beehive of activities. Many people often had businesses with him: those seeking one form of assistance or the other; those desiring to invite him to one event or another; politicians, traditional rulers, clerics, all manner of people often thronged his residence anytime he was around. He was such a man of the people, who never locked his gates and doors against anybody.
One of those who met him yesterday at his residence after arriving from Abuja was Reverend Niyi Adebayo, the founder and presiding pastor of True Worshippers Church, Amazing Grace Garden, Oke-Anu, Ogbomoso.
Rev’d Adebayo was a confidant of the late Akala. He was the brain behind the Annual Christmas Carol at Akala’s residence.
He was one of the last persons that met and discussed with Akala yesterday’s night. He was probably the last non-resident of the Opadoyin Akala Lodge to see the deceased great man.
In a Facebook post this afternoon hoisted on his wall and made available to ogbomosoinsightonline.com, the cleric who was in company with Aale of Okelerin Oba Samuel Babatunde Oyebamiji Amao II yesterday recalled their last encounter, and how they urged him (Akala) to go and rest seeing he was fagged out. He informed Akala was in his usual self, in ebbulient mood, with numerous plans for the future.
Niyi Adebayo’s piece is a tribute, it’s reproduced here.
“I didn’t know our meeting last night was the last… you were calm, lively and as humorous as ever…We drew plans for some events on January 15 & February 4 together! You sounded very happy and later walked into your room to rest from your trip… planning to hit the road again this morning… You narrated your plans to give your wife a befitting 70th birthday bash come this Saturday… until I received your doctor’s call this morning to rush down to your house…then you lay as if you were sleeping… what a life! I shouted your name, held your hands but you had answered a higher call!
“Your Excellency, your lifestyle, especially for the past few weeks looked like you were having some silent encounter with God! The messages, the videos you were sharing were deep and soul-searching! You talked so much about forgiveness… you said you have stopped listening to prosperity preachers but only those who preach salvation! You requested that we invited an evangelist who could preach salvation to preach at the December 22 Christmas Carol that you don’t want praise singers! Hmmm! Good people may die, but, surely not their names! To say ‘we will miss you’ is to say the least!”

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