Graphic details of how Akala died

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Facts have emerged on how former governor of Oyo state, Otunba Christopher Adebayo Alao-Akala, died in the early hours of today.
According to one of the persons who saw his corpse in the morning, he was found dead on the toilet seat resting his head on the wall.
The source said, “He arrived from Abuja yesterday’s evening. He received some guests but he had to retire to his room midway to rest since he looked tired.”
The source said further that it was in the morning when his aides did not see him that they broke into his room and discovered he had stopped breathing.
“Most times someone slept with him but no one was with him this day. However, in the morning when he was not seen in the living room his aides became curious. Usually he would have called one of his aides, Joshua or Obe or any other but this morning he didn’t call out.
“They expected he would have taken his bath and prepared for his journey this morning but everything was silent from his end. They couldn’t bear the ominous silence again and so they entered his bedroom.
”His cold body was to be discovered in the toilet adjacent to his room. His vomit was discovered perhaps that enervated him. He went to the toilet later where he eventually passed out. It was the wall that stopped him from falling to the floor. His head rested calmly on the wall, stone dead.
“Upon being discovered they tried to resuscitate him by hitting him in the chest but to no avail. His doctor was called but it was too late, he was confirmed dead by the doctor. Ambulance was arranged for and was moved to the mortuary.”
Thus ended the earthly sojourn of one of the greatest men Ogbomoso nay Oyo state had produced. He was a charismatic leader, a kind-hearted soul who helped many. His limitless generosity and vast achievements earned him the sobriquet, “Oyato Governor” when he held sway in the Government House.
May his soul rest in peace.

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