New Soun: Ogbomoso elites at war as the no eyeing the throne jumps to 30

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The journey to installing a new Soun of Ogbomoso is getting more complicated following the great interest being shown in it by more people in the community. learnt authoritatively that the number of aspirants coveting the exalted throne has now jumped to over 30 just as it is disclosed that some of the leading figures in the city are split over the matter.
“I can inform you with authority that the number of contestants jostling for the exalted throne of Soun has increased to above 30. Over 30 princes have collected forms of expression of interest at the approved fee so far,” a source close to the Laoye Ruling House disclosed.
The seat is being keenly contested even as elites in the city have dabbled into the process.
“Yes, influential people in Ogbomoso are monitoring the process with eagle eyes, they are now even supporting candidates they believe will work in the best interest of Ogbomosoland.
“But their camps have split into more than one. There are two prominent camps now each backing two different candidates. Even the Mogaji of Laoye family is rooting for someone from his direct lineage.”
Investigations by reveal that the two camps which used to pursue similar interests are now opposed to one another and each is headed by two powerful individuals in the town (names withheld), who incidentally used to be allies.
“The struggle is between those who are liberal and those who are conservative, if it can be reduced to that,” another source close to these elites began.
Continuing, the source informed, “the liberals want someone who will be moderate, progressive, amenable and whose template is to bring stability, development and peace.
“The liberals are seeing the other camp as being concerned mostly by other interests like religion especially.
“A power struggle has ensued and series of meetings are being held by the elites in respect of the matter, the only thing we can do is to intensify prayers over it so that a worthy man will emerge as our next Oba.”
It is recalled that the last Soun Oba Oladunni Oyewumi Ajagungbade III died on December 12, 2021 at the age of 95.
He is to be succeeded by someone from Laoye Orumogege ruling house of the Soun Dynasty.
It is also recalled that former governor of Oyo state, Otunba Christopher Adebayo Alao-Akala at the last annual general meeting of Egbe Omo Ogbomoso Parapo Agbaaye hammered on the imperative of having a worthy Soun like Oba Oladunni Oyewumi during his remark.
The former governor had said, “To the kingmakers, l want to remind us that our late Oba uplifted Ogbomoso to its highest pitch ever. Whoever will emerge must not be someone who will let it plummet. We need another Soun that is brave and smart.
“If we know a prince that is good, that is worthy, go and beg him. Look for a good prince, even if he doesn’t have money we will help him look for it. We don’t want an Oba that will not be smart and sharp. It must be someone who will command respect and fear.
”Help us choose someone who is worthy. We will rally round him. The next Soun must be an Oba who will be able to hold his own in the comity of Obas and Chiefs.”

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