Purported deposition: Onpetu speaks

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Onpetu of Ijeru kingdom, Oba Sunday Oladapo Oyediran Lagbami Osekun III, has reacted to the news making the rounds that he had been deposed by a High Court.
The news had generated widespread controversies with various reactions trailing it.
Secretary of Oba Oyediran, Prince Oyewumi Oyekunle, earlier in the week, told ogbomosoinsightonline.com that it was ridiculous suggesting that his principal was deposed when there was no litigation to his installation.
Prince Oyekunle posited that it was the handiwork of propagandists and mischievous people trying to stir confusion but that the Onpetu palace was unfazed.


The Kabiyesi himself had now come out boldly to react to the rumour reiterating that it was a tale hewn by wishful thinkers.
In a press release he personally signed and obtained by ogbomosoinsightonline.com, Onpetu said he would not have reacted to such innuendo even in the face of “plethora of enquiries by my subjects at home and in diaspora, government officials, traditional rulers, friends and well-wishers,” but that he had to respond “for the need to calm the community down, allay the fears of concerned citizens, ensure that the peace is not disturbed and to set the record straight.”
He averred that it was absurd he would be deposed when his occupation of the throne was never challenged in any court, blasting that ignorance was at the bottom of the unfounded news.
The monarch submitted, “Emphatically, l wish to state that there is no court judgement deposing me as Onpetu of Ijeru Kingdom and there has never been any litigation challenging my rights and entitlements to the throne of Onpetu.”
The chairman of the Ogbomoso South Traditional Council held that the whole charade emanated from a muddled understanding of the judgment of the Court of Appeal, in which he said he was not even a party.
According to him the matter in contest was a court case (suit no. HOG/12/86) instituted by a former Baale Ijeru (Chief Adeleke Lawal) in 1986 against the then Onpetu, Oba Yesufu Abidoye Mobolade at the Oyo state High Court sitting in Ogbomoso.
The ruling of the court however was not satisfactory to Baale Ijeru and so he proceeded to the Court of Appeal sitting in Ibadan.
But before judgement was delivered in December 1999 both Baale Ijeru and Onpetu Ijeru had died making the case to be thrown out on the basis of the death of both the litigant and respondent.
Onpetu observed therefore that it was travesty of justice that the same matter decided by the Appeal Court would now be taken back to the High Court and the lower court would go ahead to give judgement, while emphasizing for the umpteenth time that the case had no bearing with his rights to sit on the throne of Onpetu.
He assured this would be addressed.
Going down memory lane Onpetu aaserted that his domain covers the Ijeru area identified in Iwe Itan Ogbomoso by N.D. Oyerinde as distinct from Ogbomoso.
He stressed he was not the ruler of Ijeru quarters deposed to by the Baale Ijeru Chieftaincy Family while affirming that his realm extended beyond a quarter.
Oba Oyediran noted therefore that the media report was a figment of imagination of some junk journalists ignited by mischief makers.
“The segment of the judgment orchestrated in the media is a representation aimed at confusing the members of the public. Fortunately, chieftaincy authorities in Oyo state are not so swayed. For the avoidance of doubt, therefore,
“There is no judgement deposing me as the Onpetu of Ijeru Kingdom;
“I was appointed and installed as Onpetu of Ijeru Kingdom and not limited to Ijeru quarters.
“The Onpetu of Ijeru Kingdom being an ancient beaded crown Oba and the title of Onpetu of Ijeru is.documented in several books of record from the Colonial Admnistration records till the present Oyo state attesting to this notorious fact that my chieftaincy is Onpetu of Ijeru.
“The Chiefs Law, Government White Paper, Gazettes and my Instruments affirm my title as Onpetu of Ijeru and there is no contention to the contrary, indeed, the Onpetu of Ijeru Chieftaincy has been a member of the Council of Obas and Chiefs since 1958 and the title is extant and known as such from inception till date.”
He now assured, “Let me at this juncture use this medium to call on all my subjects both home and abroad, friends and well-wishers to remain calm and be reassured that the Onpetu of Ijeru Kingdom is not impacted in any manner by the story being orchestrated in the media and l shall continue to function effectively as the Onpetu of Ijeru Kingdom by promoting the welfare and wellbeing of all my subjects and inhabitants.”

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