Behold the next royal family to produce Soun and origin of Ogbomoso ruling houses

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It’s no more news that Soun of Ogbomosoland Oba (Dr) Oladunni Oyewumi Ajagungbade III JP CON CFR has joined his ancestors at the age of 95. He transited in the early hours of today at Bowen University Teaching Hospital (BUTH), Ogbomoso.
Oba Oyewumi from Oluwusi (Gbagun) royal house was installed in December 1973 with his coronation coming up in January 1974 thus he reigned for 48 years.
The question that is now agitating the minds of the people is how does a new monarch emerge and from which family. for the purpose affirms that it is the turn of the Bayewuwon Kelebe (Laoye Orumogege) ruling house to produce the next Soun of Ogbomosoland.
There are five ruling houses in Ogbomoso which reign in turn. These royal houses are Toyeje (Abuirumaku), Oluwusi (Gbagun), Bayewuwon Kelebe (Laoye), Bolanta and Odunaro.

Origin of the royal families
Toyeje Akanni Alebiosu, Aremu Oluwusi, Bayewuwon Kelebe, Idowu Bolanta and Odunaro Apaebu were five siblings sired by Kumoye, the sixth ruler of Ogbomoso and who was a grandson of Soun Ogunlola, one of the founders of Ogbomoso and whose exploit at Oyo gave rise to the name Ogbomoso.
These Kumoye’s five sons who rose to the throne in turn were of different mothers according to Iwe Itan Ogbomoso by N.D Oyerinde.
Following the passage of Kumoye Ologolo and Olukan became the Baale of Ogbomoso in turn.
Aftermath the reign of Olukan, Toyeje, who was a warrior and who became Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland (previously Commander of the right to Aare Afonja) emerged new Baale. He did valiantly to preserve the sanctity of Ogbomoso in the face of the rampaging Ilorin-Fulani imperialistic army.
After his demise, peacefully, his half brother, Aremu Oluwusi became the next Baale and it was during his reign that people from 143 villages and towns with their traditional rulers came to settle in Ogbomoso to ally against the unrelenting Ilorin-Fulani army.
He was succeeded by Bayewuwon Kelebe – Kelebe ni ja (agile in battle). He also strove against the trampling of Ogbomoso by enemy forces.
Idowu Bolanta, said to be rich and a warrior too followed in the footsteps of his half-brothers.
The youngest of them Odunaro completed the cycle and it was during his reign that christianity was brought to Ogbomoso. He supported the mission work which made the propagation of the gospel went smoothly.
His demise sparked a succession crisis, even before he passed on conspirators were active against him.
He was however succeeded by Ojo Abuirumaku, son of Toyeje.
Abuirumaku a non-warrior coveted the position of Aare Ona Kakanfo and it was conferred on him perhaps on account of his background and the environment he was hewn.
It was at about this time meanwhile that the then Areago of Ogbomoso, Akinfenwa, suggested that the position be retained within the Kumoye line to the exclusion of other lineages whose ancestors had also mounted the stool as Baale including the lineages of Adeniyi Olukan, Ologolo, Eiye etc.
The suggestion was ratified and so today those are the five recognized ruling houses in Ogbomoso. Though some of the excluded families have been in court to challenge that.
Till date, four rulers had emerged from the ruling houses of Toyeje and Oluwusi while the three others had done three turn each.

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