Accident: Okada operators set LAUTECH student’s car ablaze, brand him ‘yahoo boy’ as students ban okada from campus

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The burning car


This is not the best of time in Nigeria as citizens are venting their anger at every slight provocation or at any conduct resembling evil machination.
There is hunger in the land and hunger is an ignition for anger. Depression and frustration are widespread making people to be easily irritated and provoked. Hence the nation is fast descending (or has descended) into a state of anomie where admnistration of jungle justice holds sway.
Moreover people are losing trust in the police and the judicial system in the dispensation of justice.
This evening a mob action led to the razing down of a car belonging to a student of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, LAUTECH, Ogbomoso at Oja’gbo junction, right behind the Ogbomoso palace.

When got to the scene the car whose model could not be determined in the raging inferno had become a carcass.
Eyewitnesses said it was set ablaze by some angry suspected commercial motorcyclists.
According to information gathered, the vehicle was being towed from LAUTECH area to the palace by the mob when their anger boiled over and so decided to set it on fire.
It was learnt that the car which belongs to a student of LAUTECH was coming from the direction of Aroje/Abaa, at a very high speed when it rammed into some okada men, causing an accident.
Meanwhile, according to a source the student had an exam and was late for the paper explaining why he was driving too fast.
After the victims were evacuated to a hospital the boy was said to have rushed into the school to meet up with the examination.

“As sympathizers swelled in numbers and they bemoaned the occurrence the allegation of the student being another yahoo boy began to gain currency and so they started to vandalize the car,” was informed by another witness who however preferred anonymity.
Continuing the witness disclosed, “A towing vehicle was arranged for. It was first thought the car should be towed into LAUTECH but they later decided to bring it to the Ogbomoso palace so as to intimate the Oba of the incident. But less than a kilometre to the palace they stopped, started to hit the car and finally set it on fire. The car owner was alleged of being a yahoo boy with insinuation that killing people through premeditated accidents is part of their money rituals regimen, a means to get blood to renew their oath.”
Nonetheless the identity of the victims of the accident, their numbers and whether they survived could not be verified as at the time of filing this report.
“Indeed all cars driven pass the area as at the time the car was set on fire were hit by the angry mob dubbing every owner yahoo people,” it was added.
About a kilometre away the police steered clear of the mob and neither were the fire brigade officers in front of whose office the mob action took place ventured out to put out the fire even as the car burned and burned into the night.
Meanwhile, students of LAUTECH were said to have poured into the street too to protest the action and were reported to have banned okada operators from coming to their campus henceforth.

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