Hammered! Student who led the Ogbomoso Blind Centre’s struggle suspended indefinitely

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Akeem Sulaiman, the blind SS three student of Adeniran Memorial Grammar School, Ogbomoso, who led the struggle against alleged inhuman treatment of students/pupils at the Nigerian Training Centre for the Blind, Ogbomoso, has been suspended indefinitely.

Akeem, hammered

Akeem Sulaiman got the marching order today over an incident that happened yesterday.
The suspension letter obtained by ogbomosoinsightonline.com titled, “Suspension letter from NTCB Hostel,” and signed by the principal of the school, Adedokun M.A., reads in part, “This letter serves to inform you that you have been suspended indefinitely from NTCB Hostel in relation to your conduct which violates the centre’s values and moral uprightness that we strive to instill among our students.”
Akeem Sulaiman who hails from Born Foto area, Oja Oba in Ibadan, with his suspension taking effect from today December 3, is suspended on the grounds of ‘turbulent behaviour, non-chalant attitude and insurbodination,” truancy from class, “unruly behaviour” and posing bad influence to other students.
In effect he had been ordered to vacate the hostel.

The suspension letter

ogbomosoinsightonline.com learned that the immediate cause of the swinging of the hammer against him is an altercation that happened yesterday during a visit by a government team to the school led by Barrister Ayodele Adekanmbi, the Executive Assistant to Oyo State governor Engr. Seyi Makinde, on Persons Living With Disability.
The team had visited the centre to hold a meeting with the students to enjoin them to forget the ugly incidents of the recent past and forge ahead in good behaviour.
The meeting was already underway when Akeem Sulaiman was observed outside the meeting venue.
This infuriated Barrister Adekanmbi when he got wind of the development thus he spoke harshly against him directing the principal, M.A Adedokun to issue him letter of suspension forthwith.
“Principal, headmaster, suspend him immediately, l knew the trouble l passed through before coming here this morning. Who is he?”
Continuing, Adekanmbi fumed, “Are you from this state?” (Told that Akeem is from Ibadan), he further blasted, “So, you are from Ibadan and you are misbehaving this way. Go and suspend him immediately. Who are you?”
Efforts of other students to plead on his behalf did not impress Adekanmbi, ultimately, declaring, “We can’t hold the meeting again. Go and suspend him. I am blind you are blind, go and suspend him immediately. We are not going to talk again today, we will come back.”
All solicitations by other students fell on dead ears.
However, Akeem told ogbomosoinsightonline.com that he was not in the premises when the meeting got underway.
He said as he came to the entrance he asked someone to call another student in the hostel adding that that was when he was sighted but that his explanation to clarify the situation was not listened to.
Akeem had been in the vanguard of exposing the alleged heist in the centre which included diversion of food, rape, stealing of money meant for students’ meal by the teachers etc.
Akeem and some of his colleagues had gone to make their grievances known at Agidigbo FM station in Ibadan. At another time they released a video showing the sample of a devalued food they claimed they are being served with.
The revelations led to the transfer of all the teachers at the centre last week including the headmaster and principal (welfare officer) and suspension of three blind teachers alleged of raping blind female students.
Meanwhile, the video of the watery beans with which were served was frowned at by those in government as it was construed as discrediting the Engr Seyi Makinde-led admnistration.
But the students insisted this wasn’t so noting that the malefaction had been on before Makinde came on board.
They passed this message across through another video in which the present admnistration was exonerated and the blame put at the feet of the administrators of the school.
But Akeem perceived as the ring leader has committed an unforgivable sin hence the fury poured against him for daring to be outside when a governor’s aide was holding a meeting with them.

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