Jogioro: Ogbomoso king and warlord

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Ogbomoso palace

Ogbomoso Obas and descendants of Soun lineage are generally praise-sung as “children of Jogioro.” Jogioro is a name synonymous with bravery and gallantry, he was one of those mystical figures whose deeds and exploits contributed hugely to conferring the cognomen of “City of the Valiant,’ on Ogbomoso.

Jogioro was the fifth Baale of Ogbomoso (the title the traditional ruler of the town bore then). He was a direct son of Soun Ogunlola, one of the founders of the town and whose decimation and decapitation of Elemoso, a terror goon in the Old Oyo, gave rise to the name – Ogbori-Elemoso, which got elided to Ogbomoso as we know it today.
Ogunlola bequeathed men of valour like himself. After his demise, he was succeeded by his sons first Lakale (second Baale), Kekere Esuo (third Baale), Eiye (fourth) and then Jogioro. Soun’s children took after him in hunting career. In addition, Jogioro was a warrior, a redoubtable field commander who fought wars extensively (though records of the wars he fought aren’t available). He took the fields against equally valorous warriors and he was always a master in victory. His fame grew so wide that some credited him with being a holder of the prestigious title of Aare Ona Kakanfo (field marshal) of Yorubaland at some point. He was a contemporary of General Langbin, Kakanfo Oyaibi, who reigned as Aare Ona Kakanfo during the reign of Alaafin Abiodun.
Jogioro waged countless wars to preserve and extend the territories of Ogbomoso. He never retreated from war, and he was never wary or weary of locking horns with enemy soldiers.
Furthermore, he was a just ruler, he served the purpose of his people with utmost interest, his humongous sacrifices thus endeared him to his subjects. He was so much loved and held in reverence that the succeeding Baales and Obas of Ogbomoso have earned the appellation – Omo Jogioro (Jogioro’s children). The fame garnered by this king rubbed off well on the stool of Ogbomoso as well as enhancing its honour and importance.
Jogioro had several children. The eldest was Oluopo. But Oluopo was the nonchalant type and so rebuffed being made crown prince. Thus, the younger brother, Kumoye Larinkosin took the title and subsequently was made king. Another son sired by Jogioro was Ologolo Orisamateru (another war-like prince.). Ologolo succeeded Kumoye as Baale. A grandson of Lakale (first son of Soun Ogunlola), through Prince Osoru, Olukan, took the position after Ologolo but after him, five sons of Kumoye took the stool in turn – Toyeje, Oluwusi, Bayewuwon, Bolanta and Odunaro. Today, the descendants of these five children constitute the official five ruling houses in Ogbomoso. Thus, Jogioro is the grandfather of Ogbomoso ruling houses. He reigned in the middle to the latter part of the 18th century.
But aside the cognomen – Omo Jogioro – no monument is erected in Ogbomoso in eternal memory of this distinguished war general, who protected the community and expanded its borders, and more significantly sired descendants who held their own in the dark periods of inter-tribal wars in Yorubaland and the concomitant menace posed by the invading Fulani/Ilorin armies propelled by an unmitigated ambition of conquest.
He deserves great honour. Having his statue erected at a vantage location is one way to immortalize him.

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