How POS operator landed in police net after his account was used to collect kidnapping ransom

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Criminals are ever evolving in their modis operandi but thank God the long arm of the law is never static too; as the criminal-minded individuals up their nefarious games so also are the law enforcement agents doing same. The law enforcers are always right behind never allowing themselves to be left helplessly behind. The Nigerian security agencies are often equal to the task except they want to look the other side based on some implicit reasons.
That was the situation of a “petty” kidnapper in Ogbomoso recently, who devised an ingenious (?) strategy to swindle money off his victim.
According to the Point of Sale (PoS) operator, who narrated his experience in Ogbomoso at Takie area, (let’s call him Brother Tim), the police recently visited his shop to invite him to the station for questioning.
His offence? He aided and abetted ransom collection.
He said the suspect came to him innocently that someone wanted to transfer money to him and that he wanted to use the account number of the PoS operator to transact the business.
Unsuspecting of any foul play the operator obliged him and was in return handed his commission for his services.
As it turned out it was ransom money paid by a victim of kidnapping. The amount was however not disclosed.
When the crime was reported at the police station the suspect’s mobile phone was tracked and he was subsequently apprehended. He was quizzed by the police leading to the arrest of the PoS operator as well.
“However, l was released after two days in detention after it was established that l was not an accomplice. Since then l have learnt my lessons and I am now careful with releasing my account details to unknown people.”
The suspect is now cooling his legs in detention.
The incident was confirmed to by a source at Ogbomoso Divisional Police headquarters, Owode.

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