That uncompleted statue at Takie roundabout

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The statue


A statue, according to Wikipedia, “is a free-standing sculpture in which the realistic, full-length figures of persons or animals are carved or cast in a durable material such as wood, metal or stone.”
Statues are memorials that preserve the memory of individuals especially those who performed great feats or rendered invaluable services while alive. Men or women whose deeds are extraordinary and are lingering get their memory further cemented with monuments as statues.
Bust on the other hand is a sculpture of a person’s head, shoulders and chest. Though living Muslim faithful abhor their statues being made instead they have busts being carved.
However, they both depict stories of gallantry. They also serve to beautify the environment and tell the history of past events in concise form.
Ogbomoso city has its own shares of statues and busts. The most visible being that of Soun Ogunlola at Oke-Ado junction, LAUTECH Teaching Hospital area. Ogunlola was one of the founders of Ogbomoso and his exploit at Old Oyo when he slaughtered a terrorist, Elemoso and decapitated him gave the community its name i.e. Ogbori-Elemoso, which got elided to Ogbomoso.
A former governor of Oyo state, Otunba Christopher Adebayo Alao-Akala also had his statue erected at Randa, mounted on a white horse in victory. Though this particular one could be recast and made more alluring in view of his gigantic accomplishments.
About two years ago the old Soldier Alumota at Oja’jagun also got refurbished. Aside the statue of the unknown soldier erected there the busts of five modern military heroes of Ogbomoso origin also sprouted out, undertaken by an associationn in Ogbomoso.
There is also the bust of late Chief Samuel Ladoke Akintola, a former Premier of the defunct Western Region, within his residence at Oke-Ado. The statue of a man busy with farm work at Oremerin (Alokomoro), the one at Arowomole and Caretaker junctions add to the collection of statues in Ogbomoso.
However, it is disgusting that another sculpture being built within the Takie Roundabout had been abandoned – uncompleted.
Takie Square is one of the economic hubs of Ogbomoso and in terms of importance and centrality, no area exceeds it today. Travellers passing through the metropolis become intensely conscious if they had not been if they get to Takie. Therefore, the state of aesthetic outlook of the location is of paramount importance. The impression formed of Takie by any first timer will last long. That is why the builder of the statue at Takie roundabout needs to get back to site and complete the statue.
The findings of have shown that the commendable project is not being undertaken by the local government. It is being executed by private individuals. The initiative is laudable but leaving it half done is censurable.
It speaks ill of us as a community, it evinces a bad narrative. As at now, I have looked and looked but can’t decipher who the statue represents. I first thought it was S.L. Akintola but upon closer scrutiny it doesn’t really depict Akintola. A project of such magnitude and at such location should be undertaken by experts, and have imagination and creativity written all over it. The approving authority also is blameworthy, perhaps Ogbomoso North local government authorities.
Also, l have issue with the direction the statue is facing, although the builders would have debated the best direction before the decision was made but methink facing the south direction (pointing towards Ibadan) would have been more appropriate for visitors coming through that direction to savour it in full glare. Well, three other statues could spring in the three other directions at the spot.
Men like Jogioro, Aare Toyeje, N.D. Oyerinde, Adebayo Amao Alata and so on are men who contributed immensely to the evolution of Ogbomoso, who can be immortalized via statues. Something should be done in this direction. For now, let the Takie statue be completed with name engraved and its story embossed succinctly. Alternatively, let it be removed.

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