JUST IN: Trailer crush okada operator at Takie Ogbomoso, brain spills into the road

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It is a black Sunday in Ogbomoso today as an unidentified okada operator met with a violent end at Takie Square of the city in front of the old Areago Supermarket building.
The tragic event which occured at about 12:46 this afternoon, left the unfortunately young man dead on the spot his head content having spilled inton the road. A passenger he was carrying, a lady, was however lucky as she only sustained injuries on the head and knee.

Scene of the accident, the legs of the deceased strutting out by the tyre
The lady who cheated death
The articulated vehicle

According to eyewitnesses, the okada operator picked the passenger at NITEL junction and had rode up to turn to the opposite direction so as not to ride against traffic.

”But on getting to the front of Areago Supermarket building, he tried to avoid a Toyota Corolla car parked by the roadside by which a young lady was passing, unfortunately for the okada man, he did not look in the rear mirror before swerving to his left. It was into the rear tyres of the articulated vehicle fully loaded with crates he consequently bumped into, getting his head smashed, with the lady quickly jumping into the other side,” an eyewitness told ogbomosoinsightonline.com
The driver of the trailer (with no registration number), who was not even aware immediately jumped out with his assistant to escape but they were caught.
But when sympathizers realized they had little fault they stopped beating them (the trailer drivers), ogbomosoinsightonline.com, which had goyt to the scene by then observed.
As at the time of filing this report nobody had been able to identify the okada operator as his head had been mangled.

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