2 secondary school students caught in Ogbomoso robbing shop in broad day light

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Ogbegun area in Ogbomoso North local government was thrown into pandemonium yesterday as two teenage boys were apprehended while robbing a provision shop in broad-day light.
The boys who were confirmed to be senior secondary school students (names withheld), and who are residents of the area stormed the shop after affirming that a small boy was on ground, his mother having gone somewhere.
“One of the suspects blindfolded the boy and covered his mouth while the other snatched the money container and made away with the sales money for the day, said to be about N7,000,” a neighbour, who pleased anonymity told ogbomosoinsightonline.com.
However, luck ran out for the teenage robbers as the victim struggled to free himself and raised an alarm, which attracted neighbours.
“So, one of the boys was apprehended while the other made his escape. The one caught was subjected to severe beating.”
Meanwhile, his partner was later apprehended too but it was learnt that their parents who had been informed rushed to the scene to plead, weeping profusely.
When contacted, chairman, landlords associationn of the area, Mr. Clement Abimbola Fayemi, confirmed the incident however saying it had been settled at the landlords associationn level.
Mr. Fayemi noted the area had been held in the jugular by incidences of robberies asserting that it was a breakthrough for the community.
“Yes, it was true, two boys of secondary school age were apprehended yesterday while they were robbing a shop in the neighbourhood.
“The woman who owns the shop was not around but her little son was in the shop when the two suspects entered the shop. One of them gagged the little boy while the other searched for the money container, which he took.
“But the little boy managed to free himself and raised alarm which attracted people. So, one of them was caught. The other escaped.
“I was not at home, l was at a ceremony when they called me on phone and we rushed down with my predecessor. We wanted to call the police but there were a lot of pleadings from different quarters.
“Anyway, we have resolved the matter. The victims and their parents were summoned to an emergency meeting of landlords later in the night. They had refunded the money stolen meanwhile,” Mr. Fayemi disclosed.
Further investigations by ogbomosoinsightonline.com revealed that Ogbegun area had in the past witnessed a lot of theft.
“Turkey, fowl, goat, rabbit etc are being stolen in the area. Blocks of the fence of a house was recently removed and a generating set and other items stolen overnight. The apprehension of the boys is a good omen,” a resident of the area who pleaded anonymity said.
Landlords at the meeting berated the boys and urged their parents to do something to restore them to the path of moral rectitude.
The boys who were made to prostrate according to findings again confessed to robbing the shop though disclosing they only stole N4,000.
The victim was refunded however with N7,000 and was urged to be thankful that her child in the shop did not have life snuffed out of him.

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