Declare bandits federal civil servants, Senator Shehu Sani mocks Buhari

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Sheu Sanni

The former senator who represented Kaduna Central, Sheu Sanni, has advised the federal government to rather declare the bandits ravaging the north western part of the country as federal civil servants if they could not be declared as terrorists.
Sanni, who is the President of the Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria (CRCN), in a tweet today made this taunt remarking that the dreaded bandits kill without discrimination against any religion and so should be called their right name.
He said alternatively they should be declared as federal civil servants.
It is recalled that the outlaws had killed a lot of Nigerians including security agents, kidnap for ransom, rape and commit all sorts of heists.
Only recently news filtered in that they were collecting taxes from helpless citizens in the areas they hold sway with the federal government however defending their atrocities at intervals.
This perhaps is why Senator Sanni urged they be declared as civil servants.
“They killed Muslim worshipers in their mosques in Niger and Katsina state; they killed Christians in their Churches in Kaduna state; if the Government doesn’t want to declare them terrorists, it should declare them federal civil servants.”
He also averred, “The yesterday’s attacks on the Baptist Church Kakau Daji, Kaduna state by terrorists,the killing of some worshippers and the abductions of scores of others is tragic and unfortunate.The suspension of the telecom services in the North is useless.”

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