OPINION: So, the Fulani aren’t so great

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I used to think the Fulah people are great people in the art of politics, that is what they made us believe – that they are astute politicians, better than the best of other tribes in Nigeria

For long they posted their dominance over other tribes, dictating the pace, ruling the roost

Through this dummy they foisted their cruel, insensate hegemony over others, over people who are dominant in population, intellect and endowment

They bear down on others cornering their wealth and the good of their lands to further cement their stranglehold

And so we hold them in awe, sold to the belief that in matters of politics they hold the aces, they are the master race

But the cards are crumbling, the wools are being pulled off our eyes, their so-called superiority is being revealed as a sham

They are prosaic, shallow and empty, it is being uncovered, we have allowed ourselves to be delusionally deceived for long

They have only been adept at using unsuspecting others to their advantage; they latched on to the instrumentality provided by the British colonialists to seize control of Nigeria, it isn’t a consequence of better scheming, they did similar things in the long past to seize Ilorin and other people’s lands

But now, they are being shown for what they are, contemporary issues are exposing them, they aren’t coordinated, they aren’t smart, they aren’t astute afterall, they only thrive by exploiting weaknesses of others, deploying divide-and-rule strategies, moreover, their intelligentsia perpetually deny their own citizens the right education to blur their reasoning and use them as canon fodders to maintain the undue influence over others

For them to link Sunday Igboho to terrorism in the north because he had money transactions with the friend of a convicted sponsor of terrorism exposes their shallowness, and to say Nnamdi Kanu hijacked EndSARS protest one year ago uncloaks their facile thought process, it has shown them as being mentally weak in the face of intense opposition

What of the dozens of the inchoate, incoherent utterances that emanated from their supposed best brains in recent times amid barrage of discordant salvos from some sections of the south, they were disconcerted, forced into disarray, into several recants, and are helplessly biting their fingers

2021 has unmasked the Fulah people as not so super, they can’t hold their own in the face of unrelenting opposition, a Muhammadu Buhari had to rely on a Tinubu and an army of inordinately ambitious southern politicians and people to get power but now using the armed forces to maintain the power

Few strong actions by Sunday Igboho, the OPC and the birth of Amotekun, and their marauding men called hersdmen retreated precipitately into the inner recesses of the forests in the west, the appearance of ESN in the east manacled them, so their famed prowess is mere illusion

The Fulah aren’t so gallant but only know to gallivant about power, not sharp-witted but opportunists, not masters but only using mastery of power to perpetuate ignominy of power

The south must stand firm to retrieve its birthright from the caterpillars continually messing up its destiny, the south must rise and return to being the driver of its future, the battle of liberation must be sustained, enough of surrendering weakly and glibly, its God-given wealth to lesser endowed people, it’s the reason its youths are without jobs today, that they are fleeing in droves overseas

Willing tools among its politicians and leaders who for their own selfish interests are fond of selling out, must be left shorn, they are enemies who must be dispensed with, for the future of its generations.

Enough is enough, enough of ceding its prosperity to lesser favoured people, who only go about in borrowed facade to hoodwink it and beat it to submission like severely-lashed puppies.

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