PDP South should accept chairmanship slot by Adewuyi ADEGBITE

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The intrigue on- going in the opposition PDP over the zoning arrangement and the zone that will produce the national chairman is interesting and revealing. Hitherto, the news is that the chairmanship had been zoned to the South and names of gladiators had been circulating. However, that is no longer the case according to the news in the newspapers. Northern PDP members are now jostling for the position. To me, the Southern PDP members, like the French Bourbons in the 18th century have learnt nothing and forgotten nothing. If not, Southern members of the party should have grabbed the opportunity at hand which according to an adage is like a bird at hand that’s worth a thousand in the bush. The zoning arrangement being banked upon by the Southern members to encourage the party to zone the presidential candidate of the party to the South is not a written agreement but rather a gentleman’s agreement to foster unity, inclusiveness and create a sense of belonging in the entire members of the party and the nation as a whole. With the glaring ambition of the North to retain president in the North, the Southern members should not have toyed with the chairmanship position of the party. In 2014, in the APC fold, a Southerner was the chairman of the party till about few years ago when the former governor of Edo state, Adams Oshiomole was removed as the party chairman and replaced with a Northerner who is still the chairman till date and may remain until the primary election of the party is conducted to enable him to orchestrate the emergence of a Northern candidate for APC. What the whole scenario shows is that the North is more adept in politicking than the South. Since there is no law mandating PDP to zone her presidential candidate to the South, at the end of the day, both chairman and presidential candidate can come from the North and heaven will not fall. Therefore,it is imperative for the Southern PDP members to go back to the drawing board and re -strategize for the sake of peaceful co-existence of Nigeria and PDP. Adegbite writes ayekooto05@gmail.com

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