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Sunday Adeyemo a.k.a. Igboho Oosa, today, 10/10/21, marks your birthday
Though you aren’t available to celebrate it the way you would have loved we celebrate you
You are being held for your beliefs, for standing stoutly against the forces of evil and imperialism
For bearding in their lairs, the rapists, the killer hersdmen, the kidnappers, the murderers the unconscionable land grabbers, your freedom is wickedly curtailed, incarcerated in some torrid dungeon in Benin Republic
But mind not, fret not, you have your name in gold, indelibly imprinted in rocks that can’t be degraded
By your courage, bravery, valour, gallantry, loquaciousness, passion and speed of execution, you have embossed yourelf in history books
Some may disagree with your style but it has been effective, you, it were, who raised consciousness about the menace the Fulah people constituted
While several others were consumed in rhetorics you took it a notch higher – you matched words with actions and swiftly and fearlessly
That marks you out as a true warrior, a man of action, a man who spurns his own safety for the safety of his people
The sacrifices you made have ensured today that in your part of the world the war machines of the invaders have been grounded, they are disoriented and put in disarray
Because of your selfless efforts and others,’ our farmers now heave a sigh of relief, they are returning to their farms, their wives and daughters are regaining their courage to return to the land without fear of molestation by some uncircumcised goons
But you are now paying the price in a far away land, away from your loved ones, from your businesses, from freedom
You are suffering the consequences of truncating the mad goal of the imperialists, who hold the levers of powers
But nevermind, you have gained immortality in this earthly plane, your travail is the fate of freedom fighters; persecution lies in wait for them, cold or hot floors are their companions, hunting and hounding are reserved for them
Nevertheless, they always come atop, when the goal for which they suffer becomes realizable people shout eureka to them whether they are available physically or not
Nevermind Majasola, you are secured among the pantheons of great Yoruba heroes, there is nothing anyone can do about that
Akoni Oodua, you are celebrated on your birthday by all those who cherish your contributions towards the emancipation of Yorubaland from the internal colonizers.

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