Sheikh Sanusi, Chief Imam of Ogbomoso dies, to be buried 4pm today

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The Chief Imam of Ogbomosoland, Sheikh Yekeen Asafa Adegboyega Sanusi is dead. He died early this morning during a brief illness at the age of 87.
Sheikh Asafa was turbaned as the Chief Imam in June 2002 and served the Muslim community in Ogbomoso and it’s environs devotedly since his emergence.

The late Sheikh Asafa Sanusi

However, due to ill health he did not lead the Jumat service for quite some time, the role having been taken up by Sheikh Alim.
Many dignitaries have been visiting his residence since the news of his death broke to sympathize with the family.
He has been described as a man of faith very passionate about the Islamic religion.
He will be committed to mother earth this evening after prayers at the Ogbomoso Central Mosque, Oja’gbo.

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