Civilization: The technology that nailed the old way

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By Minkail OLAITAN

Humans have experienced different ages which came with bundles of changes. The first human according to the British paleoanthropologist, Louise S.B Leakey, could be traced back to 1.7billion years ago. This however provided an orthodox approach to the fact that humans have undergone series of changes both biologically and physically, and that whether man loves it or not, it has been a provable fact by the ferrets and scientists that Homo-Habilis, the ape that have now gone into extinction is ancestor to humans.
On that account, the Paleolithic Age began when man was merely hunting and roaming over stocks and stones, odd bushes and terrains, gathering fruits of different kinds to help himself from starving to death. Those odd portrays the real picture of royal rumble, when man walked barefooted on wild thorns, leaving their foot lacerated with swollen sores. Yet, the battle between him and the wild animals could be best solved with the help of crude weapons carved from stone – the life of man was so vulnerable in the beginning.
The Neolithic period came with immense changes. It pulled off the filthy garb of rumbling rumble of hunter and gatherer of foods. They discovered new ideas of planting certain crops and fruits and they found themselves a home. Gradually, they became the producers of their own food. Their weapons also developed – grinding and polishing were added. The survival scale increased, and that’s how it went sequentially up to this present age of colossal, life challenging moment.
So, the immediate past age sprawled – the period when nature was a good friend to man, and lower animals abided by the laws of nature and their responsibilities were not being shirked. It was decodable when cock crowed that a new day had been hatched. Likewise, the duo of sunrise and sunset announced the hours of the day. More than these, the appearance of the new moon would mark the beginning of a new month as shadows spoke about the time of the day.
The seasons were known by the appearances and departures of rain and its patterns, harmattan and extreme dryness. Life was so great and beautifully set with multitude of raw fruits and fresh vegetations. That kept hearts and bodies aglow and secured the longevity of their existence. The tranquility that dispensed from all the angle of earth was graceful relieving and not life choking. Though, profuse sweating of struggle in the farm lands testified to their agility – that seemed the best stage of civilization, the highest level of technology then was hoes, cutlasses, gun powder and glass. Still, the old age speaks genuinely of itself.
Gradually, the old age was blown away like a chaff toppled by the whirlwind. Then, the dawn of new age showed itself clearly from afar, wearing different suits and kept approaching human with contradictory look like Janus with two faces made up of frowning and smiling facial expressions.
In a very brief moment, wings of technology and civilization stretched and reached almost the nook and cranny of the world, relegating the old energy built within every human being and replacing it with laziness, as it offered them machines of diverse responsibilities to veil them from realizing the vast of invaluable power within them.
Furthermore, the farm land and the conjoined hope and satisfaction were cunningly forced out of the human body; those evergreen hope and understanding of the forebears that whatever their harvest were, it was a blessing from their ancestor. Things have fallen apart in the contemporary world. Because, the only word that best defines everybody is ‘greediness’. Farmers want more folds of harvest on their farm lands than before as the civilizations offer them agrochemicals to enhance and boost seeds growth, but unknowingly the lands are exhausting their strength. Rapidly, it gets the once blessed mothers of great yielding identity to the whore of a soothing barrenness, and deformity by viruses, bacteria etc.
Great swift, the civilization, alongside the technology fidgeted around and found fault in consuming fresh vegetation, fruits and animals, and in a place of it promulgated the idea of cooked dishes that have become stale by the able help of preservation or chemicals to preserve it for longer time. And like a package of gift, the whole race of man subscribes to its consumption, while the reverberation corners and strikes us with rods of deadly diseases like cancer. Yet, it reduces stress, doesn’t it?
Likewise, it’s unambiguous that civilization and the technology have gone a long way in easing old days stress, refines ideas, helps the trend and easy handle of communications etc. It’s great to have enjoyed what this age offers. Yet, what about the years of yore that have been replaced with the torpedo years? What about the sudden change of nature against our will and presently forged to be our deadliest enemy, as the poisons released by the machines whittle down lives as is the danger from contaminated air.
Therefore, life has become the story of two sides, either we run back to the old ways and desert the contemporary days, or we stick tight to the present days and forget the existence of the past day of our father’s days.

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