Court nullifies appointment of Ikolaba Ogbomoso *Fmr Ogbomoso North boss, Oyewusi Omiyaa may become Ikolaba

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High Chief David Adeniran Ojo as the Ikolaba of Ogbomoso.
The ruling follows the case instituted by Mr. James Adebayo Oyewusi a.k.a. Omiyaa and Mr. Olayiwola Adeoye for and on behalf of other members of Ikolaba Ayoola Chieftaincy family challenging the appointment of High Chief Ojo as the Ikolaba of Ogbomosoland in 2017.
Mr. James Oyewusi, a veteran politician, was nominated by the Ikolaba Ayoola family to fill the vacancy aftermath the demise of the last occupier of the seat High Chief Garuba Oloyede of Ikolaba Aladan family passed on in 2017.
But he (Omiyaa) was not approved by the Soun of Ogbomosoland Oba Oladunni Oyewumi Ajagungbade III JP CON CFR the consenting authority, who rather appointed Chief David Ojo from Ikolaba Labua family. The consequence was the case by James Oyewusi suit No. HOG/28/2017.
The Ikolaba Ayoola family represented by their lawyer Babarinde Fabunmi sought four reliefs in their statement of claims which were all granted by the court. The prayers sought included a declaration that Oba Oyewumi was not the approving authority for the Ikolaba chieftaincy title; a declaration that the appointment of David Adeniran Ojo be nullified noting it is contrary to the tradition and custom of the area and not in consistent with the provision of the Chiefs Law of Oyo state and or guidelines on Chieftaincy Matters and contravention of the powers of the approving authority; an order of perpetual injunction restraining the defendants who included the Oyo state governor, Ogbomoso North local government Oba Oyewumi and Chief Ojo from recognizing Ojo as Ikolaba; and an order of perpetual injunction restraining Ojo from further parading himself as Ikolaba of Ogbomosoland.
The claimants through their lawyer and witnesses submitted that though the Ikolaba chieftaincy lacked chieftaincy declaration it has always rotated among three families i.e. Ikolaba Ayoola, Ikolaba Ajibosin/Agbongbokoso and Ikolaba Aladan, adding further that Ikolaba Ayoola ruling house had occupied the position for years before the other two houses were incorporated.
The plaintiffs also claimed that Ikolaba Labua from which High Chief Ojo hailed from was not among the recognized ruling houses of Ikolaba.
The claimants further asserted that James Adebayo Oyewusi a.k.a. Omiyaa was the candidate nominated by the Ikolaba Ayoola family whose turn it was to fill the vacancy but that he was bypassed for Chief Ojo.
However, the defendants claimed that Chief Ojo was installed in accordance with native law and the Chief Laws of Oyo state, reiterating that Ikolaba Chieftaincy had no declaration and as such is not rotated and is chosen in line with the whims and caprices of the Soun.
It was further emphasized that Soun is statutorily empowered to approve the appointment of Ikolaba more so when it had been approved by the state government stressing that the claimants had no locus standi to challenge the appointment.
The defendants insisted that Labua family from where Chief Ojo comes from is a ruling house in the appointment of Ikolaba of Ogbomoso, averring that Labua was the first Ikolaba.
Meanwhile, noting that the defendants failed to prove that Labua ever occupied the chieftaincy and having summarized all the submissions of the counsels to both sides, Hon Justice Bayo A. Taiwo resolved all the issues in favour of the plaintiffs.
“From all the exhibits before me and the testimonies of all the witnesses, I find the story as relayed by the claimants more credible and believable and as such I hereby grant all the prayers of the claimants.”
Speaking with The Insight on the victory secured by his family Mr. Oyewusi said it was a big victory for them, “The court has ruled that my right to the Ikolaba chieftaincy cannot be infringed,” Omiyaa stated.
However, the effort to get the reactions of Chief Ojo on the judgment was not fruitful as his residence at Olojo area of Ogbomoso was under locks and keys when The Insight visited.

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