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It is no hidden fact that Nigeria is foisted with a government that cares little about the welfare of its citizens; thus, Nigerians are mostly left to fend for themselves, and so, we keep on striving every day to meet our needs. What government ought to provide for us we provide them for ourselves at a great cost.
This pathetic situation is revealed in greater proportion with the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. When the rampaging virus walked in, baring its ferocious fang we knew once again that the country is bereft of sensitive leaders, leaders prodded by the love of their people. Lockdown and its ease is becoming the norm. How will you keep people indoors away from their jobs without offering them palliatives to ease their suffering? In many other countries where there is partial or total lockdown, governments give their citizens money as an inducement to comply with the various directives on combating the highly infectious disease.

In Nigeria, among others, interstate travel ban is imposed by the Federal Government, schools are closed, churches/mosques are shut, weddings,, burial and child naming ceremonies are prohibited. Gatherings were initially reduced to 30, then 20, later 10. The citizenry obliged, since lives are at stake.
However, l am appalled seeing continuously tons of Dangote trucks swarming our major inter-state roads without regard for the imposition of travel ban. Furthermore, passenger buses transit unendingly Ogbomoso to Ilorin, every day. Yet, we have security agents to enforce the law. So, who is deceiving who in this situation – government or security agencies?
It is no wonder that six Togolese nationals made their way into Ogbomoso area already infected with this deadly virus; they made it to Nigeria, and to Ogbomoso, this is questionable. How did they beat the security network? Only God knows how many people they have infected with this disease! We have known that our security agencies are only very active when it comes to oppressing the people they are paid to protect, that is when they become trigger happy. Bribery is always their motivation.
The novel COVID-19 has exposed further, a lot of thing in Nigeria, pushing us further down the road of hopelessness about salvaging the country. Is there hope for this country again?

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